Why Developing a Cleaning Routine is Important During Lockdown

Going to work, school, university, shopping or to see friends and family. All things that used to get us out of the house. All things we have adapted to now do, not out of choice, from the comfort of our own homes.

With the whole family under one roof, fighting over bathroom space, living space, spending more hours in bed and cooking more meals, there is an increased need to clean.

Everyone has developed a routine for working from home but developing a cleaning routine around your new hectic internally based life is just as important.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Step One: Identify weekly needs and dedicate a day to each of them

There are certain cleaning tasks that require weekly attention, especially in a pandemic. Keeping bathrooms clean due to increased use is a big one. Identify these tasks that need weekly attention and schedule some time in to do them all on a dedicated day.

Living among a mess isn’t healthy physically or mentally, it leads to arguments, increased stress, and with a toddler or a pet, staying on top of your cleaning might seem harder than ever. With Sph2onge’s No More Wet Dog! Super Absorbent Pet Towel, you can tick pet cleaning off your list to start with instantly.

Its crucial to remember, although it doesn’t seem like it, this is a temporary way of living. Staying on top of cleaning with a routine will maximize your time, minimize your stress, and focus your cleaning efforts where they matter the most.

Step Two: Identify important, often daily cleaning jobs

These have never been more important than they are now. Less important jobs like behind the sofa, window sills, high dusting, etc., can be put on the backburner for now. Even though it seems like we have ‘more time’, many of us feel busier than ever. So don’t feel guilty about the little details. Plus, Who is going to see it anyway? Make a list of what needs to be done daily, or every other day at most and keep on top of them. Schedule in a specific times for specific tasks so they don’t get pushed back.

Step Three: Cut costs where possible

Only buy specialty products when absolutely necessary. Budget cleaning is just as effective during lockdown! Put cheap, accessible items to good use. Prepare that dish soap, baking soda, and vinegar and utilise them where possible. Use your disinfectant products only when and where you absolutely need them. With many people only leaving their homes when absolutely necessary and supermarket delivery slots few and far between, making your products go the extra distance is crucial. Save money with Sph2onge’s quality microfiber cloths, to cut cost whilst helping you keep on top of your daily and weekly tasks.

Step Four: Kitchen Cleaning

Although many of the cleaning tasks may fall under daily, weekly or all of the above sections, its important to keep the kitchen area separate. Most people’s kitchen is a nightmare right now. You are not alone! With extra meals inside comes extra dishes. With extra dishes, comes extra stress.

If you’ve finished dinner, you might think you deserve to relax for a while before tackling a cleaning task. You do! But, rise above it. Get those dishes done immediately—don’t let it wait! Tackling dishes straight away when hand washing is an ideal way to save time and avoid dish buildup, keep a routine and stay on top of things. Here at Sph2onge, our Bloc by Sph2onge will help you do just that. Made from two layers of foam which have been created to specifically soak, foam and wipe! Use the blue side to apply and lather up soap and the yellow side absorbent side to wipe down!

Get on top of wiping surfaces down and not sweating the small stuff like cabinet fronts. Waste, recycling, and compost are emptied daily so they don’t start to smell.

Step Five: Keep it up

Once you’ve sat down and put together your schedule, pin it somewhere, keep it easily accessible, take a picture on your phone. However it is you find best to keep on track of things, try it. The best way to stay mentally and physically healthy when it comes to cleaning in lockdown is sticking to whatever suits you. If its cleaning your bathroom between meetings on Thursday, hoovering before work on a Tuesday or changing your bed sheets last thing on a Saturday night ready to dive into them for a great night’s sleep, find what works for you.

When everything is back for normality and you can invite friends and family over, they’ll all be in awe of how well kept you manage to keep your glistening home whilst the world seemingly fell apart outside!

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