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Pink Sph2onge - Sph2onge
Pink Sph2onge - Sph2onge

Pink Sph2onge

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What is SPh2ONGE all about?

SPh2ONGE burst onto the cleaning scene with their flagship product, the super absorbent SPh2ONGE offering a unique and high-performance way mopping up spills and buffing smooth surfaces. 

The usefulness of SPh2ONGE didn't end there though, with more and more uses becoming apparent every day direct from customers all over the world, from sink shining, liquid mopping, condensation busting, damp-dusting and even the odd leak stopping!

The original SPh2ONGE is yellow, but this was soon joined by a beautiful pink version - which is incredibly popular, and remains our best seller to this date.

Early 2019 welcomes the launch of "Cloth by SPh2ONGE", a fantastic innovation which takes the original material in a lighter, easier to hold and wring out cloth version and again available in the original yellow and pink colours. 



Cloth by SPh2ONGE