About Us

The idea of SPh2ONGE began in 2016 when Christopher Foster was looking for an easy, mess-free solution to defrosting his freezer without flooding the kitchen floor. When he couldn’t find one – Christopher decided to create one!

Those who knew Christopher thought he was bonkers when explaining what he was planning to do! Undeterred, he carried on and after several months of relentless hard work, planning and creating, Christopher’s vision was a reality! He had created a super-absorbent sponge thingamajig...

Armed with his idea for a super-absorbent thingamajig, Christopher realised he needed a name and couldn’t think of anything suitable – so he asked his partner who thought the chemical element for water, H2O, would fit perfectly into the word sponge to create – SPh2ONGE!

Christopher’s first batch of yellow SPh2ONGE’s were produced and, not knowing where to advertise them or who’d be interested in them, the boxes remained in his apartment. Christopher was beginning to think those who laughed at him might have been right after all…

Several months passed and, having received no interest, Christopher wondered if it was time to admit defeat. He decided to have a last attempt in finding someone – anyone! – who’d think his idea was a good one so he logged onto Instagram and started a SPh2ONGE (@Sph2onge) account. It was here that Christopher discovered like-minded people who enjoyed cleaning and were willing to test out his product.

Through SPh2ONGE’s Instagram page, Christopher began to meet some really awesome people including professional cleaner, #1 SPh2ONGE fan and now good friend Carli James (@littlemissmops) and it was through her eagerness for SPh2ONGE that the brand began to grow.  

The orders started to pick up speed and suddenly those boxes in Christopher’s apartment began to disappear – some SPh2ONGEs were even being sent as far as Singapore and Australia! As popularity grew over the next few months, Christopher decided to release a new colour – PINK!



The new colour was a tremendous success and orders started coming in faster than Christopher could handle in his apartment, so he packed up all his SPh2ONGEs and drove from his apartment in London to Dorset – where he got his whole family involved, including his grandparents!

In early 2019, growth was steady and SPh2ONGE was now getting the attention of Instagram cleaning celebrities. In April 2019, Instagram influencer, Sophie Hinchliffe (@mrshinchhome) shared a cleaning post using a pink sph2onge to her 2.5 million followers and Sph2onge received a monumental amount of attention. SPh2ONGE had been HINCHED! 

Since then, SPh2ONGE has grown more than Christopher could ever have imagined and continues to grow with new and exciting products & colours! You’ll still find Christopher chatting on the social media, responding to messages and posting giveaways because that’s where it all started, why not go and say hello, or ask him a question…