Bloc by SPh2ONGE
Bloc by SPh2ONGE

Bloc by SPh2ONGE

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BLOC by SPh2ONGE, your perfect "by the sink" sponge. Made from two layers of foam which have been created to specifically soak, foam and wipe! 

Use the blue side to apply and lather up soap and the yellow side absorbent side to wipe down! 

Customer Reviews

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Nice size sponge

The little double sided bloc sponges are great. Fit nicely in the hand and work well. I soak them in fabric conditioner to clean skirting boards and they do a great job. I sometimes find that the original sponges don't have enough flexibility on some surfaces so this is where the bloc sponges come in handy.
Good value for money as they last ages.


Bloc by sph2onge is amazing for a sink clean!! One side suds up amazingly and the other wipes it away! Perfect and so handy to have by the sink!!

Bloc Sph2ongetastic

Yet again another Sph2onge product that does not disappoint, brilliant by the sink little sponge, gets in to even those little nooks and crannies I love it❤️

Amazing product

I was desperate to get a few of these and I wasn't disappointed. Really great little product. Does as it says and so handy. Great value for money too. Thank you

Cleaning made easy

I put off for a while purchasing these items. But after seeing Jen from hall at home on Instagram using them, and then seeing a friend buy them I decided to take the plunge. I was instantly impressed, they honestly make cleaning so enjoyable, so easy and so quick. I love how the pad and sponge it self after wringing out doesn’t feel like it’s holding any excess water like I have experienced in the past with other brands. And how fast it just soaks up what you need. And the bloc, I use it for everything when cleaning now, it’s just incredible watching them all work their magic and I simply everytime can not get over how simply and easily it leaves a shine on the sink, cooker, taps you name it. Such a versatile and wonderful product I can’t wait to purchase more!