No More Wet Dog! Super Absorbent Pet & Dog Towel
No More Wet Dog! Super Absorbent Pet & Dog Towel
No More Wet Dog! Super Absorbent Pet & Dog Towel

No More Wet Dog! Super Absorbent Pet & Dog Towel

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No More Wet Dog! 

Get your hands on the all-new Pet Towel by SPh2ONGE and you’ll guarantee your doggie walks end as happily as they begin. 🐕

With their incredible absorbent qualities SPh2ONGE products are brilliant for drying and mopping up spillages - and the Pet & Dog Towel by  SPh2ONGE is the perfect quick dry solution for your damp dog or pet!

The Pet Towel by SPh2ONGE will also gentle remove any loose pet hair, and firmly hold it in its unique texture ready for easy disposal. 

Customer Reviews

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Gemma Forde, (Jackpot and Rupert)
Four paws up!

This super absorbent towel scrubs us Springers up very well. We love to go swimming even in winter, and if it’s muddy water, it’s even better. Gemma thinks the mud and water is better outside but if it’s on us, she uses this towel to keep it from coming in the house.

Gemma thinks the towel is really practical and she can even bring it away when we’re working and staying in hotels - you can wash the towel in a sink and simply pop it back in the container. No more soggy dog towels!!!

Super absorbent and super practical.

Aleksandra Stanczak
Love it!

Perfect for anyone with a dog.

Pet towel

I ordered many weeks ago. I received the sponges but never received the pet towels. When trying to email they emailed back but never came back with the outcome. I wouldn’t recommend ordering if your in a hurry for them.

Siobhan Wegner
Not received

I would love to review but I still haven’t received my order

Jennifer Beresford
Wet dog towel

Wow is all I can say 😊
Can’t believe how much water it soaked up just from my staffie who’s hair is short. Definitely pleased with this product. Thank you sph2onge for a fabulous product 🤩🤩🤩