Pet Towel by SPh2ONGE
Pet Towel by SPh2ONGE
Pet Towel by SPh2ONGE

Pet Towel by SPh2ONGE

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No More Wet Dog! 


Introducing the all-new Pet Towel by SPh2ONGE!


Muddy paws, wet dog = damp car and mucky house? Not any more! 


Get your hands on the all-new Pet Towel by SPh2ONGE and you’ll guarantee your doggie walks end as happily as they begin. 🐕
With their incredible absorbent qualities SPh2ONGE products are brilliant for drying and mopping up spillages - and the Pet Towel by  SPh2ONGE is the perfect quick dry solution for your damp dog or pet!
The Pet Towel by  SPh2ONGE will also gentle remove any loose pet hair, and firmly hold it in it's unique texture ready for easy disposal. 


The 66 X 43cm sized Pet Towel By  SPh2ONGE comes in a super stylish, practical dark grey and a handy storage tube, perfect for popping in the car or bag, and ready to use when needed. 


- Absorbs up to ONE PINT of liquid 
- Awesome reusable storage tube
- Stays pliable for TWO weeks 
- Machine washable at 30 degrees with other household cloths (no detergent/ short wash) 


Get Yours Now!

Customer Reviews

Based on 120 reviews
Must Have

I don’t have a pet! I use mine for my hair. It half’s the drying which is a god send when you have long hair. Especially when I go swimming it takes up hardly any room in my bag

“I love it”

Just another product to add to my collection from sphonge, i can now let my Maltese out in rain to go to toilet and not worry, she now stands at back door waiting to get dryed.


This towel is a game changer for me! Now the car stays clean and dry as my pet sph2onge works a treat on my damp/wet/dirty cocker spaniel. Fabulous product!


Wow I was impressed with the normal cloth and microfibre. But this is amazing it saves me so much time when drying my dogs. And it’s so soft so the dogs enjoy being rubbed down with it. Well done Chris another fab product

Not what I was expecting

I opened it really excited and it was damp and had an awful smell to it. I left it out of the container for about an hour went to put it back and it went all hard and even more smelly.
Can’t believe I wasted money on this