No More Wet Dog! Super Absorbent Pet & Dog Towel
No More Wet Dog! Super Absorbent Pet & Dog Towel
No More Wet Dog! Super Absorbent Pet & Dog Towel

No More Wet Dog! Super Absorbent Pet & Dog Towel

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No More Wet Dog! 

Get your hands on the all-new Pet Towel by SPh2ONGE and you’ll guarantee your doggie walks end as happily as they begin. 🐕

With their incredible absorbent qualities SPh2ONGE products are brilliant for drying and mopping up spillages - and the Pet & Dog Towel by  SPh2ONGE is the perfect quick dry solution for your damp dog or pet!

The Pet Towel by SPh2ONGE will also gentle remove any loose pet hair, and firmly hold it in its unique texture ready for easy disposal. 

Customer Reviews

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Yvonne Francis-Parry
Still waiting

Still waiting for everything in this order to be delivered.

Heather Prior
One Dry Dog

Excellent drying for such a small towel. I was so surprised, we've got a German shepherd and he's quite a large dog my husband used the towel this evening after a very wet walk and he is more or less bone dry, excellent. Haven't tried it on the cat yet, leave that for another day :)

Naomi Shepherd
Perfect for cats and dogs

I used this on my cat the other day who had been out all night in the rain she waa soaked, so i thought id open the pet towel and try it, it was originally for the dogs. She didn't mind me drying her as its so light she didn't really feel it and only had to wipe her once and the wet fur soaked up so she was a lot dryer. Unfortunately we lost her the next day to a car hitting her 😞 but i wanted to write this review as a little reminder of my cat Saffie.

Christine Mills

Why didn’t I buy this sooner, great product and so easy to use no more dirty dogs after muddy walks

Absolutely fantastic towel

Simply can’t beat this towel, after washing the dog off, this simply absorbs all the water, no drips at all, then i put her towel on, and she’s dry within about 15 minutes, fantastic