Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips! - Happy Earth Day!

It is Earth Day today which we think is super important – it is key to look after our planet and act in a sustainable way! So, we have decided to be a little creative for our blog and give you all our favourite green cleaning tips! Try out some of our tips and tag us @sph2onge so we can see you in action!


Invest in Eco Products – If you’re not one for at home DIY cleaners (which we LOVE!), then why not try buying bio-based cleaners that can bust the grime, but don’t have any nasty chemicals. Plant based products are best for the environment as they don’t have the extra ingredients that we don’t want on our surfaces.


Recyclable Packaging – When purchasing new products, make sure that their packaging is 100% recyclable. This means that when your favourite products run out, they can be thrown in the recycling bin and be made into something new – no waste added to the landfills!


Reusable Products – Many of the popular household cleaners on the market are now refillable, where you can buy refills in packaging that has less (or no!) non-recyclable packaging. This means that when your product is running slow, you can simply re-fill and you’re good to go!


Say No to Paper Waste! – When a tonne of paper towels is produced, it takes 17 trees and 20,000 gallons of water are polluted! To reduce the amount of non-reusable paper we use, we can invest in cloths that can be re-used multiple times with even more absorbent benefits! If you want to see a re-usable cloth that will ensure you are doing your bit for the environment, then take a look at our SPh2ONGE Microfiber Cloth!


Use Homemade Cleaners! – We know that eco-cleaners can be expensive and we don’t all have the budget, but we can still be eco-cleaning warriors! Check out our blog all about DIY natural cleaning products here. This way you can use cheap household items to produce a cleaner that busts dirt as well as the leading brands!


Clean the air you breathe! – It can be easy to forget about the pollution that is in the air, especially for those who are living in cities where the hustle and bustle of city life is causing an impact on the planet. By buying an air purifier for your home, you can filter bacteria from the air and have a much cleaner living environment around you – this is one we never even thought of!


DIY Home Fragrance – We know you all love a fresh smelling home. But sometimes store bought scents are bringing an artificial scent into the home – but we want the real deal! All you need to do is add 10 drops of your favourite essential oil (we love lavender) to ¾ of water and you have a spray that will leave your home smelling fresh (without the unknown chemicals!)


Happy Cleaning Everyone!

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