Microfibre by SPh2ONGE
Microfibre by SPh2ONGE

Microfibre by SPh2ONGE

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SPh2ONGE is incredibly proud of developing cleaning products that make cleaning efficient and fun and our new premium grade Microfibre by SPh2ONGE makes cleaning a dream 🙌🏻 

Microfibre is the ultimate cleaning material, its positively-charged fibres attracting dust, dirt and grime quite literally like a magnet. Durable and reusable microfibre wipes away germs with ease and is quick drying.

Microfibre by SPh2ONGE is a luxurious high grade 500gsm - easily the best quality on the current market and available to buy at a great-value price. 

Size - 32 x 32cm 
Non Lint
Luxury 500gsm 

Instructions for Washing:

  • Wash in warm or hot water with mild detergent
  • No fabric softeners – they clog the open spaces in the Microfibre by SPh2ONGE, making the fabric ineffective. 
  • Be careful what you wash with your Microfibre by SPh2ONGE. Avoid anything made with cotton because the Microfibre by SPh2ONGE will grab on to the lint
  • Ideally wash Microfibre by SPh2ONGE with only microfibre but if you must mix, wash with other non linting synthetics. Like anything you wash, be sure to separate your white or light colours from your dark colours.
  • If you hand wash, wash in hot water with mild detergent and use a soft bristled brush if necessary – rinse thoroughly

Drying Microfiber:

  • Air drying is best
  • If you use a dryer, set it on low heat or no heat
  • Dry with other microfibre products only to avoid picking up lint



Customer Reviews

Based on 211 reviews
Microfiber pink

It's fab product I have used it to clean windows, my bathroom, everything what I did before this I don't know now I would be lost without it.

Can't wait to order from you again.

Keep up the fab work xxxxx

5 star

Absolutely love his cloth best one I have ever had and the company's customer service is fantastic

Not disappointed

Absolutely love my new micrfibre cloth by sph2onge. Seriously never had any microfiber as good as this. Chris am waiting for Sph2onge to come up with the best mop.


Super absorbant amd buffs and shines immensely.. ill be ordering again ☺️

My new bestfriend

After I am done with cleaning down the sides, sink, windows, mirrors, I always use this to buff and dry! Works so good!! IL be ordering more definitely! 100% ratings.