Cleaning with allergies

While everyone wants to keep their house clean, it can be vitally important if someone suffers from allergies, particularly children. So how can you best clean to reduce the impact on allergies or asthma in your house?

Firstly, make sure you are cleaning regularly to prevent significant a build-up of dust. If you are cleaning an area such as a garage or attic which might have not been touched for a while then you can wear a disposable protective mask/gloves to reduce the amount of dust you come into contact with.

For vacuuming, there are specific allergy-friendly vacuum cleaners available which have a sealed HEPA filter to trap allergens and powerful suctions to prevent dust escaping back into the air. An air purifier can also reduce dust in the air.

Reduce clutter such as piles of books or boxes which can trap dust and allergens and store toys or soft toys in plastic boxes. Use a microfibre cloth such as Cloth by SPh2ONGE for damp dusting to pick up the maximum amount of dust from surfaces.

Some people find their allergies get worse at night and beds are a hotbed for germs thanks to sweat and moisturisers so make sure sheets and bedding are washed in hot water at least 130F/54C once a week. Never hang them outside to dry as it could come into contact with pollen and instead dry indoors or in a tumble dryer. You can also buy dust proof covers for mattresses and pillows to keep dust mites out.

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  • As a massive hayfeaver suffer I find that this also triggers off dust allergies so using my sph2onge daily really helps. Fascinating blog as always xx

    Emma crawford

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