Damp Dusting 101

This week’s blog covers a topic our Sph2onge users just love- damp dusting! We love watching all the videos on Instagram of you using your Sph2onge to damp dust the house so please keep sharing them!

We wrote a blog about dust a few weeks ago and had such a good response that we decided to do another one specifically on damp dusting.

Damp dusting is the removal of dirt and bacteria from hard, flat surfaces with a damp cloth or sponge. Unlike using a feather or yellow duster, damp dusting means the dust sticks to the cloth rather than floating in the air.

  • To get the best results, dampen your Sph2onge or Cloth by Sph2onge with clean water and prepare your cleaning solution.
  • Immerse it in the cleaning solution and wring out well until it is just damp, not wet.
  • Use even strokes over the surface to prevent smears.
  • Between strokes, rinse it in clean water and repeat the process. Always use clean, fresh water as using dirty water is a way to create streaks, as is using too much cleaning product.
  • If your Sph2onge or Cloth by Sph2onge is grubby after picking up all that dust, rinse it under warm water or it can go in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

Some of the best surfaces in the house to use damp dusting for include skirting boards, Venetian blinds, air vents, ceiling fans, lampshades and behind appliances such as stove or fridge where crumbs and grease accumulate.   


  • Love my cloth when I defrost my freezer, can’t believe the amount of water it absorbs.

    Ann Tolley
  • I love my Sph2onge products, but so do my family, they keep disappearing and I have to order more!
    Our favourite cleaning things, keep up the good work.

  • Brilliant for damp dusting. I have allergies, so no need to use cleaning products, just water, and no dust flying around. Amazing results.

    Nicola Moody
  • I hat “cleaning solution” do people use? :) c

  • Fab article Chris! I love using my sph2onge and the cloth by sph2onge to damp dust, it picks up and holds the dust and the cat hair that ends up everywhere too! Xx

    Kat- Stayathomemamma96

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