Ridding the house of DUST

One of the favourite tasks our customers say they use their Sph2onge for is dusting or damp dusting so why is dust such a pest and how can we best get rid of it?

Dust is caused by a build-up of fibres such as skin cells, textiles, hair, animal fur, dirt and pollen which, if not cleaned regularly, can lead to dust mites. Too much dust in a house can then lead to sneezing and eye irritation as well as worsening the symptoms of hayfever, asthma and allergies.

Therefore, it is important to regularly do a deep dust at least every two weeks. This involves removing items from surfaces such as worktops, windowsills and furniture, dusting the surface with a Sph2onge or cloth by Sph2onge then the individual items before vacuuming or sweeping the surrounding area.  

Some people choose to use traditional stick or feather duster but these have a tendency to pick up only some of the dust and leave the remainder floating in the air whereas your Sph2onge product has the advantage of being able to hold onto all dust it removes.

Aside from cleaning regularly, there are steps you can take to reduce the dust building up in the first place.

Make sure any windows and doors are properly sealed to prevent external fibres such as pollen entering; use a doormat to stop dust entering from outside; take off shoes in the house and keep pets groomed to prevent them shedding fur.

If the problem is still troubling you, another option is to invest in an air purifier which will trap excess dust particles in the air.


  • I have just had to order more cloths as my Son is now using mine!
    My Sph2onge cloth is all I need to keep my new shower streak free and sparkling. Love them 💕

    Jan Canavan
  • I love using my sph2onge to damp dust, and it gives such a high shine too! Love it! Xxx

  • I have even started damp dusting my stair carpet every day as I have 2 hairy dogs and even though the dogs don’t get upstairs their hair goes everywhere.
    Routine of damp dusting the carpet then hoovering is amazing

  • I love using my cloth and sponge for damp dusting around the house. I even use my cloth to clean the stairs to get the odd bits of rubbish before I hoover the stairs. I love these products so much there are so many uses for them both.

    Chloe-anne Richards
  • I love using my sph2onge for damp dusting and so does my 1 n half year old think I’m going have to order another just for her give me a whole new way of cleaning

    Gemma Byrne

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