Window Cleaning Tips and Tricks!

The sun is finally shining! (well sometimes!), but has the sun’s rays made you start to notice the smears and smudges that have been on your windows all winter? Then you know it is time to get your cleaning gear out and get to work on getting those windows shining so you can enjoy the sight of a new summers day again. Here are SPh2ONGE’s favourite cleaning tips to get your windows streak-free.


Work from top to bottom

If you reach for a cleaning solution when you clean your windows, then you will know that you can end up with drip marks even after all your hard work. No one has time to be going over each window multiple times to get that real sparkling shine. So, next time start work from the top of the window, this means that when you work your way down, you catch all the drips! It also means that the cleaning solution gets to work on the bottom of the window while you clean the top – extra speedy!


Choose a cloudy day

Is the sun shining through your windows today? Then stop! Wait for a cloudy day to clean your windows. If you get to work on a hot sunny day, then the sun will dry the window before you are finished. This will leave you with streak marks and un-washed areas. There is no point doing a job half done! Save your sunny days for the beach, and the miserable cloudy days for cleaning.


Cotton swabs

 Ever wondered how to get the dirt and mildew out of the corners of your windows? Then you need to get your hands on some cotton swabs (we would recommend the cardboard ones to do your bit for the planet!). These are the perfect size and material to clean all the hard to reach areas and get your windows looking fresh and brand new. Let as much light into your home as possible this summer!


Make your own streak-free window cleaner

 For the chemical conscious amongst us, a natural home-made cleaner will help leave your windows even cleaner than the store alternatives. Simply mix 1 cup of rubbing alcohol, 1 cup of water, and 1 tablespoon of vinegar into a spray bottle. The solution is fast evaporating so will leave your windows completely streak free and shining.


Quality cloth

If you’re a SPh2ONGE lover, then you will know that we have 2 super absorbent cloths that are perfect for getting your windows streak free. Choose from our newest microfiber cloth, or our super absorbent original cloth to get to work on your windows. We know that it is important for you all to invest in products that work – no popping to the shops every week, just a product that works and lasts.

Tell us how you clean your windows below!

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