Why YOU Need A Microfibre Cloth In Your Cleaning Cupboard!

If you’re a devoted SPh2ONGE fan, then you will know that we just released our NEW Pink Microfibre Cloth by SPh2ONGE and it’s already flying off the shelves. We thought that now we have released a brilliant new product for you, that you should probably know why you need one in your cleaning cupboard!

SUPER Absorbent Powers!

Our moto here at SPh2ONGE is all about our products being super absorbent, and microfibre cloths are no different! The way microfibre is created leaves tiny gaps in the material’s structure which makes it extra absorbent (holding up to 6x it’s weight in water! Wow!). Just like our original SPh2ONGE cloth, it is your most reliable tool for cleaning spills quick. The days of piling endless paper towels over spills are in the past, they’re a must have in your cleaning cupboard. However, not all microfibre cloths can clean in a flash. That’s why we have created a luxury SPh2ONGE microfibre cloth from the best quality materials on the market - so you can rely on us every time.


Is your cleaning cupboard currently over-flowing with 20 different cleaning products to tackle every job in the home? Well let us help you. Microfibre cloths can tackle many different cleaning tasks in the home – here are our favourite cleaning tips!

  • Dusting surfaces (they trap dust like a magnet)
  • Shining stainless steel (from cutlery to fridge doors)
  • Window Cleaning (they give a great shine)
  • Mirror Cleaning (there won’t be a streak In sight)


Keep Money In Your Pockets!

Are you replacing your cleaning products every month because they no longer get your house sparkling? By using a microfibre cloth, you can save money on cleaning costs! As microfibre cloths can last up to 2 years (with good care) then it’s a one time purchase that you can give it a quick wash when it starts getting a little grubby. This saves your cleaning budget every month and you won’t waste any money of products that don’t give your home the results it deserves!


Made with love

Our newest Microfibre Cloth has been made with love by all of us here at SPh2ONGE. We value every single one of our customers and strive to bring quality products at affordable prices to make tackling the house a little bit easier. If you have tried our other products such as the SPh2ONGE cloth, or the Original SPh2ONGE, then you will know that our products are great quality and we are always looking for ideas for new products to boost your cleaning game! You can buy your SPh2ONGE Microfibre Cloth here.


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