Why Microfibre Is Now A Cleaning Essential

The Microfibre Boom

As cleaning products have evolved, few have had the impact that microfibre has. But despite many people using microfibre on a daily basis, many don’t know why its so good, or even what it’s made of.

While there are many different types of microfibre cloths, all microfibre is made up of the same basic compound. Super-fine synthetic fibres that at a molecular level have a star shaped structure. Between the structure of the fibres themselves and the sheer number of fibres in such a small area, microfibre cloths offer several benefits that have turned them in to a must have cleaning product.

Microfibre has some incredible bragging rights too! Due to its super absorbent nature, microfibre is capable of absorbing up to six times its own weight in water. When used, microfibre also generates static electricity from friction, which acts like a magnet for small pieces of dust and dirt!

So what makes this any different? Well, fibres in cloths made from cotton or nylon are much bigger in comparison, meaning a microfibre cloth can grab onto tougher, deeply embedded dirt better than the bigger fibres in other everyday cloths, which will only reach the top of the surface.


The Benefits Of Microfibre Cloths


They Get The Job Done

From shining up your surfaces to getting to hard to access dirt and dust, microfibre will outperform other types of material in almost every aspect! As the industry boom suggests, once people started using microfibre cleaning cloths regularly, many people wondered how they ever coped without them!


Cheaper Than A Paper Alternative

Not only are paper towels damaging to the environment and wasteful, they can also be an expensive repeat purchase too. While a set of fantastic Sph2onge suede microfibre cloths will cost more to purchase up front than a roll of paper towels, they’ll be a worthwhile investment as it won’t be long before you’ve made all that money back in savings from your paper alternative!

You can use a microfibre cloth in almost all situations that normally you’d reach for a paper towel or kitchen roll. And unlike paper towels, microfibre cloths can be washed and reused again and again, making them a much less wasteful. (Think of all the paper you’ll save!)

Microfibre cloths can also save you money on various cleaning products, because a lot of times they’re no longer necessary! A dry or damp microfibre cloth is all you need for various cleaning tasks around the house. These can include dusting, cleaning windows or mirrors, and shining metal surfaces.

But even in areas where you might prefer to use a cleaner, like wiping down surfaces in your bathroom or kitchen, microfibre is so effective and absorbent that you’ll be able to clean more or your home with less actual product. This, in turn, means your cleaning products will last longer, keeping more money in your pocket.

So, if you haven’t already joined the microfibre wave, pick up our Sph2onge Microfibre Cloth today to see what all the fuss is about!

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