Pet Cleaning Tips!

Cleaning up after your pet!

Our pets become part of the family as soon as we get them. We all set out the ground rules – no paws on the sofa, no paws on the beds, and no paws upstairs! But then where do we find them a week later? All of those places! It isn’t always easy to catch them as they run from the garden and up the stairs with their mucky paws. We have selected some of our favourite tips to battle pet mess in your home!

Bust clinging carpet smells!

Our pets look so cute rolling around on the carpet playing every day, but unfortunately it is a great way to trap foul odours in the carpet from your pet’s fur. We have a great natural solution for this, white vinegar! Simply grab an empty spray bottle and fill it will white vinegar. Select a small section of the fabric that is more hidden from view to check that it wont damage the fabric. If all is ok, then spray an even amount over the surface and allow to dry. This should lock in and eliminate any lingering odours and have your house smelling as good as new!

Don’t forget their furniture!

Your pets have furniture too! They sleep in their pet bed every night (well naps too) so they easily build up dirt and odour the same way our own beds do. I would always suggest a pet bed with a removable cushion and cover, so it makes them easier to clean. When putting the items in the washing machine, just add a cup of baking soda to a standard hot wash and watch it get to work! Your pet’s bed will come out so clean and fresh smelling that they won’t even recognise it!

Line the litter tray!

All cat lovers will want a way to make looking after their pets easier. One of the worst jobs with pets is cleaning up what they leave behind (not the most pleasant task, we know). To keep it simple just adopt this handy trick. When cleaning out your pet’s litter tray just line it with a plastic bag or bin bag and then lay the litter on top. This means that when it’s time for that dreadful task of cleaning the tray out again, you can just lift up the bag and throw way the old litter. This makes it fast, easy, and stops any moisture or smells absorbing into the tray and leaving bad odours.

Towels at the ready!

Here at SPh2ONGE we know how pet crazy all our customers are, so we brought out the ultimate pet cleaning cloth. When your pet has been on a long muddy walk and is ready to embark back into the car or your home you need to make sure you have your SPh2ONGE pet cloth at the ready. Once activated, it stays ready for use for 2 weeks (that’s a lot of walks!). Just simply use it to dry off your pet to keep your home and car clean from their outdoor adventures – it really couldn’t be easier!

If you have any brilliant tips for cleaning up after your pets then please leave them in the comments below! We love to see your ideas!


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  • Hey Chris
    I could not live without your amazing sphonges…they are fabulous for every room in the house and for the outside too…cleaning down the doors…cleaning down the white ledges. Loving the new blue too

    Rachel huntley

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