Our Favourite Pet Products on the Market (That Stop Pet Mess!)

We all love our furry friends, but the mess – not so much! We have selected our favourite pet products that keep mess to a minimum! These are life savers for those of us who want our pets to have fun, but not leave chaos in their path. Take a look at our top products for those who love animals, but also love having a tidy home! All the links for the products we love are from amazing small Etsy businesses – it’s really worth supporting small businesses and we would love for you to support them too.


Pet car seat covers!

Some dogs are car lovers! They’re in their element sitting on the back seats on their way to a long walk along the beach. It’s all great on the way there, but putting your mucky dog back in the car is a big NO! That is exactly why you need to invest in some pet car seat covers. These simple waterproof covers are easy to install and just have clips that secure around the head-rest and base of your back-car seats. This means that your dog can wriggle around after a walk and not cover your car with mud, a dog owner’s dream! Then all you have to do is wipe them clean after the walk and they’re ready to use again.

Click here for a great one (and there’s loads of other dog goodies on here) -


Place Mats (For pets!) 

If we could teach our pets table manners, we would! However, our pets can make a big mess when it comes to feeding time. Flung biscuits and spilt water are a thing of the past with this great product – pet place mats! All you have to do is place your bowls on top of the mat so it catches any splashes or discarded food so you can simply wipe clean. This is a game changer for pet owners who’s furry friends make a mess when it comes to dinner time!

Click here for one we love!


Super Absorbent Pet Towel

This one may be cheating as it’s our own product – but trust us (and the reviews) it’s amazing! We may not love going out in the rain, but our pets sure do. If your 4-legged friend loves to go for walks in the rain and come back dripping water on your carpet, then this is a great product for you. Our pet towel is the perfect solution to dry your dog off quick – because we all know they love the walk, but not being cleaned after. Whether you use it as a dog towel, a cat towel, or an any other pet towel – it’s great!

Find our SPh2ONGE pet towel here


Got any more pet product favourites? Comment them below!

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