Kid's Bedroom Cleaning Tips!

They may be cute, but they sure are messy! Kids can definitely cause a lot of mess around our lovely homes. We have selected our best cleaning tips to make sure that your kid’s bedrooms stay mess-free! It can sometimes be stressful if you have to tackle all the house cleaning on your own, so we have given you some great ideas to get your kids cleaning with you (without them even knowing), and the best way to tackle those grubby fingers! Let us know if you try these tips, or if you have any that you want to share –


Turn it into a game!


Kids are known for loving fun tasks, but hating anything that sounds boring! So, next time you mention cleaning to your little ones, try to turn it into a fun game instead! If it’s stuffed toys that are left all over your home, then why not turn cleaning up into a fun basketball game. Get your child an open hamper and see how many they can throw in (you could maybe even have a little prize to encourage them). If you’re struggling with toy cars, maybe create a track through the house and back up to their room with some string, so then they drive the cars straight back into their toy chest! – They won’t even realise they’re cleaning their room!


Kid friendly cleaners!

If their rooms are tidy, but they like leaving grubby finger marks on the walls and furniture, then you need to tackle the marks with some kid friendly cleaners. Our little explorers are always touching surfaces and then putting their fingers near their mouth so it is important that cleaning products don’t have any nasty chemicals. If you want some DIY natural cleaners the check out our natural cleaning blog here.


DIY some easy cleaning gadgets!


There are some awesome kid-oriented products that will make your life easier, you can even make your own! Why not try creating a put-away play mat. All you need to do is place down a piece of material big enough for your child’s toys and playtime. Then simply add a cord around the outside so that once playtime is over, you can pull the toys into one easy bag and then simply store them away and lay them out next time. Here is a great in-depth tutorial!


Have these made cleaning your kid’s clutter easier? Let us know below and share your ideas!


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