How To Deep Clean Your Home!

Put your bacteria goggles on and take a look around your home, it may look tidy, but is it clean? It is important to know not only how to make your home look clean, but also to keep it clean under the microscope (bacteria loves to hide in some of our favourite spots). Let us tell you how you can clean all types of surfaces in your house to make sure you are kicking bacteria out of your home!


Clean, then really clean!


We all know to clean our surfaces with standard household cleaners, whether this be kitchen work tops, dining room tables, or your chest of drawers. But, this doesn’t give us the deepest clean. Think of this stage as cleaning what we can see – we need to focus on the dirt we can’t see. He best way to banish your home of bacteria is to keep some alcohol based cleaning products handy. The alcohol levels in these products work as an anti-bacterial, much like hand sanitisers that we use to clean our hands on the go. If you are someone who likes to clean quick, use your favourite spray, then go over the surface with an anti-bacterial wipe – it’s that quick!


Find the cleaning hot spots!


These are the points in your house that you touch the most –

  • Remote controls
  • Game controllers
  • Newspapers and Magazines
  • Curtains and Blinds
  • Door Handles
  • Light Switches
  • Appliance handles


These spots require special attention as they are the most touched throughout the day. Dilute bleach as specified on the product and place into a spray bottle, spray this onto a microfibre cloth and rub over these areas carefully (do not saturate the cloth if you are using it near electrical appliances). Then wipe the surface with a wet cloth to get rid of any bleach residue. Once you have cracked it, then it will be a 10-minute task that will keep your home germ free!


Clean what you clean with!


When you are focusing on deep cleaning your house, it can be easy to forget to clean – well exactly what you are cleaning with! Your cleaning cloths see all the germs you are wiping away, so it is a good idea to give them a deep clean after every day of cleaning. For our SPh2ONGE products, we recommend putting them in the washing machine with other cleaning clothes at 30 degrees (minus the laundry detergent!).


Here at SPh2ONGE, we know that deep cleaning your home is a big thing to keep your family happy and healthy. Let us know any deep cleaning tips below!

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