How to cut your cleaning costs

In light of Sph2onge’s new bundle deals which let you get even more Sph2onge for your money, this week’s blog looks at those hacks to help you save money on cleaning.

Just like our bundles, buying in bulk is often cheaper than buying single-use purchases. If it’s a product you use regularly then you know it won’t be wasted and, unlike food, cleaning products won’t go off in a few weeks. For ease of use, why not decant it into smaller bottles which you can just top up when they are running low instead of running to supermarket again.

Baking soda, which can be bought for as little as 90p, has a multitude of uses and is a natural, eco-friendly alternative to harsh chemicals in cleaning products. Use it for everything from removing stains from plastic containers, scrubbing kitchen surfaces to deep-cleaning greasy dishes. Other natural products available in our kitchen cupboards include lemon and vinegar.

Buying reusable products, like the Sph2onge or Cloth by Sph2onge, may cost more at the outset but are more cost-effective over the long term and reduce our waste in the environment as they mean you’re not throwing away endless disposable wipes or kitchen towels.

Simplifying supplies will also save money and streamline your cleaning workload, pick all-purpose and multipurpose products for day to day and save the specialist products for tough jobs like oven or carpet cleaning.

Check out the Sph2onge website for our bundle deals which start at as little as £17.80!


  • Brilliant for wiping fingerprints off my gloss kitchen cupboard door. Also tried it out on the windows, lots of time saved. It is excellent when mopping up spills and does exactly what it states. I’m definitely going to buy the bundle. I rave about these sponges to my sisters.

    Carol Bradley
  • This is one of the things I love most about sph2onge- you can do so many different cleans, and often you don’t need any product, the sph2onge does all the hard work for you


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