How to Clean your Dog! – With our Dog Towel!

Dogs absolutely love to get messy! Whether they are playing in the park, or rolling around in the garden, they always bring half of outdoors back in with them! If we were all professional dog groomers, we wouldn’t have a problem, but here are some great dog cleaning tips you can try at home!


Regular Brushing 

  • If your dog has a longer coat, then it is important to brush them regularly to trap any loose hair. This will stop their fur from getting matted when playing in the dirt or rain. By using this easy up-keep tip, it means that you can avoid a long bath after every walk! If your dog is slightly timid, then it would be a good idea to invest in a glove with built in brush bristles. This way you can stroke your dog whilst brushing them – this is great to keep them calm while you get them back to looking fresh!


Dry Shampoo (for dogs!)

  • The pet market is filled with some fantastic products to keep your pet clean! A great innovative product that takes the hassle out of cleaning your dog is a dog dry shampoo. This product doesn’t remove dirt from your dog, but works if you want them to look and feel fresher! If they are in-between grooms and starting to get that wet dog smell, then simply spray them with the dry shampoo and they’ll smell like they’ve had a fresh groom!


Clean their teeth!

  • Don’t worry, we aren’t going to hand you a toothbrush and toothpaste! There are some great dog oral hygiene products on the market that keep your dog’s mouth and teeth clean and healthy with minimal effort from you! All you have to do is regularly purchase dog chews that are specifically target for oral hygiene and give them to your pet (always follow the guidance on the product) to chew on and clean their teeth in their process. No more smelly dog breath!


Dog towel 

  • Not only do our products looks after your home, they can also look after your dog! We released a super absorbent dog towel to combat walks in the rain and soggy pups. This is a great product to either take on your walks to dry your dog off before they jump back into the car, or keep by the door for before they run all over the carpets after a walk in the rain. 

We would love to see your pups looking fresh after using these SPh2ONGE cleaning tips! If you take a picture of your dog after their clean, tag us in Instagram or use the hashtag #sph2onge so that we can see! We may have a soft spot for all the adorable dogs that love our products! If you have any more life saving tips then share below!

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