Electrical Cleaning Tips!

Old routines can get boring and mean you lose a little motivation on the way. Well what if I said I have some amazing NEW tips to mix up your cleaning routine and set your mind on a new cleaning challenge – electricals!


Get your gadgets glistening!

A lot of our jobs and hobbies now revolve around the use of a computer, even now you might be on one reading this. But, do you clean your tech with the same care as you do your home? No? Well you should, there is a lot of bacteria that lives on the surfaces of our favourite gadgets. To clean laptop and computer keyboards, take an old toothbrush and lightly soak it with vinegar until it is a little bit damp, then scrub between the keys. It really is that easy, just don’t saturate the toothbrush as we don’t want liquids going into the machine.


Another neglected or mistreated home gadget when cleaning is the TV! We may sit there and watch it all day but we know there is something you don’t see, the dirt! BUT do not approach the TV with your favourite spray and cloth as you read this. Using water based products such as sprays or polishes on the TV screen can damage the display. Simply take a microfiber cloth (we recommend this one by us here at SPh2ONGE!) and gently run it over the screen with minimal pressure, this will lock in the dust and have your screen crystal clear!


Is your blender a bit stained from the last super green smoothie that you made (a few summers ago)? Well, we have a great tip to get your blender to clean itself! Simply fill your blender half way with warm water and then add a splash of washing up liquid and a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda. Now just set your blender on a pulse cycle for a few seconds and it should get through any dirt, then just a simple rinse is needed before you use it again!


Last but not means least, the saviour of 5-minute meals, the microwave! All you need to do is fill one small bowl with water and add a few drops of vinegar. Place this in the microwave for 4 minutes and allow the steam to slide the dirt away from the inside of the microwave. Then all you need is a simple wipe and your microwave is clean, fresh, and germ free!


Got some tricks to get electricals sparkling? Leave a comment below!


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