5 Tips to Keeping Your Trainers Clean

Trainers. For some, a direct purchase for purpose- footwear to train in. For others, a quintessential fashion object. For many, a different pair for whatever situation arises. However, once you’ve picked your pair of fresh, sparkly new trainers, they more than likely don’t look that way for long, no matter how hard you try.

So, how do you get them back to looking their best?


  1. Begin with a Brush

Always start by using a soft bristle brush over the top and middle area of the shoe. This should remove the top layer of dirt and dust. Don’t leave them with that top layer too long! The top layer of dust and dirt will embed itself further and further into your favourite trainers, meaning they may be beyond the point of repair. Always make sure it's the right brush for the right kind of shoe. If you want to be precise, you'll need different ones for suede, knit, leather or mesh uppers.


  1. Soaking It Up

Your trainers deserve more than a classic piece of kitchen roll or shimmy cloth. Investing in a Sph2onge MicrofibreTowel will make all the difference when it comes to the second step. Our microfibre towel is designed to easily tackle stubborn marks. Trainers are magnets for these tough scuffs. However, a bit of pressure and a top quality product will start the journey of your trainer redemption. Don't think they're only for smoothing over scuffs, microfibre towels also revive suede back to good-as-new vitality.


  1. Face Your Fears!

Act quickly. Cleaning your trainers after every time you wear them is a wise move if you want to keep hold of these creps for some time. Allowing dirt and dust to build up over time only makes them more difficult to clean and can cause the need for a replacement pair to be brought forward.


  1. Look after them!

Storing fresh trainers can also have a large impact on their lifespan. Before packing them away, always make sure that they're dry, clean and laced up. Trainers hold their shape, so any creases and folds will hold in place if not corrected before putting them away. Those who want to go the extra mile will add shoe fresheners into each shoe, meaning they not only look fresh but smell fresh too when you need them next.


  1. Laces- a bigger deal than you realise

What a difference a new pair can make, especially if you're talking box-fresh white. Running them through the wash can work, but there's nothing like that properly fresh feel. For a few pounds you can give shoes a new feel, and even up the ante by choosing creative colours that clash with a new energy. Don’t be afraid to show your personality in your shoes! Laces can be a perfect way to do so!

Keep those trainers fresh and make sure you stand out from the crowd after rejuvenating new life into your footwear of choice.

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