11 Shower Cleaning Tips

Showers are made for cleaning, well cleaning us anyway! But, if they are covered in dirt and grime, they don’t clean as well and don’t look as nice in our lovely bathrooms. The super home proud amongst us will know that bathroom cleaning can sometimes be a little less than pleasant. We have collated all our favourite cleaning tips to make bathroom cleaning easier – this week it is all about the shower, so get your rubber gloves on and get ready!


  1. Rinse – The first step is to rinse the shower tiles with the showerhead or using a cup and water. This will loosen any hair or grime stuck to the walls and start off the cleaning process. It is best to start at the top and work your way down to wash all the dirt down the drain.


  1. Shower Curtain – This one is for those of us who have a shower curtain and not a shower door. The best way to get a plastic shower curtain clean is to put it in the washing machine (simple we know!) with a few old towels. The towels will scrub any dirt off the curtain and avoid using any muscle power!


  1. Shower Door – This is where your SPh2ONGE comes in handy as it is perfect at getting a streak-free shine! We have to do this section justice – read our blog that goes in-depth about getting the perfect shine here!


  1. Mildew – Mildew has no place in our bathrooms! The best way to prevent mildew on your shower curtain is to soak the curtains in a bowl of salt and water.


  1. Showerhead – This is the classic sandwich bag trick. Simply add ½ a cup of bicarb to 2 cups of vinegar and tie the bag around the shower head. This will dissolve any lime scale.


  1. Plug Guard – This is a great investment product. Simply cover the plug with a plug guard and it will trap any hair and prevent it from clogging the drain – it is that easy!


  1. Clever storage – Hang a second shower curtain behind the first and hang baskets to store your products in. This will keep surfaces clean and tidy!


  1. Shake the curtain – This is a quick tip for after you shower. Simply shake the shower curtain to get rid of any water droplets – bye-bye mildew!


  1. Embrace the extractor – It isn’t just there to gather dust, it’s there to get moisture out of the air! Turn on the extractor fan for 15 minutes after you shower to keep the air drying and avoid mould growth.


  1. Shorten the curtain liner – The curtain liner traps a lot of moisture. By trimming the bottom, you will encourage water to drip off the surface and preserve the condition of the curtain.


  1. Use the steam – The PRIME time to clean is straight after you’ve showered as the steam breaks down the dirt! – Take our word for it



Do you have any more to add? Then comment them below! – The SPh2ONGE team!

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