How To Create The Perfect Streak-Free Shine With SPh2ONGE!

Since the launch of our products, we have always created great clips of how you can get the PERFECT streak-free shine with SPh2ONGE! But, we realised out of all our blogs, we didn’t have one to explain exactly HOW it is done (then you can print this and put it on the fridge)! Here is our step by step guide straight from Chris Foster – the founder of SPh2ONGE himself.


Step 1: Clean the Surface –


The best way to get a streak-free shine is to start with a smooth and clean surface. This means that the first step is to remove any crumbs and dust as these will disrupt the gleam on the surface and ruin the result! Take a cloth or soft brush and wipe the surface to remove any dirt. This is a great opportunity to use an anti-bacterial spray on the surface to kill any bacteria and keep your surfaces safe from nasty viruses! If you are wanting to get a streak-free clean on glass, then the best way to prep your surface is to use a lime scale remover. This will mean that you have the cleanest surface to get a streak-free shine!


Step 2: Wet with Cold Water –


The next step is to wet the surface so that you get rid of any marks or stains on the surface and leave a clean, pristine area to get to work on!


Step 3: SPh2ONGE in Action!


This Is where your SPh2ONGE cloth comes into action! Now the surface is wet, your SPh2ONGE can use its super absorbent powers. Slowly wipe over the surface in one direction to absorb the water from the area – don’t rush or you will ruin the shine! Once you have absorbed all the water, repeat the wiping process to make sure you have gotten all of the water off the surface. This will leave you with the perfect streak-free shine! You will be able to see your face in the reflection (well maybe!).


Now we have a challenge for you! We want to see you following these steps in a video. If you haven’t already seen, we have a YouTube channel! We have been posting some amazing customer reviews for everyone to see. We want to see yours! So, follow the steps we have given and tag us in your videos of you giving your surfaces the perfect streak-free shine! We can’t wait to see you have your mind blown by how shiny our SPh2ONGE cloth can make your home! The best ones will get uploaded onto our YouTube account!


  • The SPh2ONGE Team

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