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The perfect way to try out our trademark range, or simply the best way to get started with colour coding and organising, this bundle won't disappoint.

Our beginner bundle includes:

x1 Yellow SPh2ONGE

x1 Pink SPh2ONGE

x1 Yellow Cloth by SPh2ONGE

x1 Pink Cloth by SPh2ONGE

This handy bundle created by SPh2ONGE is part of our well-loved cleaning product collection where cleaning and practicality join together to create functional products you can't clean without.

- Wring dry after use
- Machine washable at 30 degrees with other household cloths (no detergent/ short wash)
- Additional colours and products available separately

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Customer Reviews

Based on 211 reviews
Surprised amazing

My daughter in law told me to buy some so I thought I would give them a go and I am so pleased I did .
Well at first they are a bit weird to use but I soon got the hung of it and in no time I had the cleanest shinyest bathroom ever with out using anything only the cloth I must day I was surprised and amazed how good they are ..
I need a new dimisting sponge for my car but couldn't find a pink one anywhere so when my order arrived and I had a pink one that was it I tryed it in my car and that's where it's staying does the job perfectly..

Love love love

I have been a lover of Sph2onge for soo long, but only just recently purchased the beginner bundle.
I cannot be anymore happier with this product.
It’s is fantastic for cleaning up spills (especially with having children)
Damp dusting, and just generally finishing of the cleaning!
The shine on my sinks are fantastic.

Amazing products and will be buying again.
Thank you

Totally lives up to the hype!

Having seen these on social media, I had to get in on the action and I wasn't disappointed. The cloth is amazing, like a traditional chamois leather but better and kinder to the planet obvs. It soaks up everything leaving a shiny finish.

I love the sponge too but my only gripe is that after 1 use with Flash Bathroom, it dyed it blue and I struggle to get the suds out of it. I would say use a regular sponge with your cleaning products and only use the sphonge to finish off.


I purchased the starter bundle and couldn’t be happier
Cloth is amazing for damp dusting used on all paint work,very impressive
Will purchase the new dog towel next,fab products

Beginners bundle

I as a bit sceptical about the hype as how good can a sponge or a cloth actually be? I couldn’t have been more wrong. I’ve used them loads and I’m an absolute addict now. Just waiting for payday to place my next order. As the owner of a huge dog and a house rabbit I’m forever cleaning skirting boards and walls etc so this will defo make my life easier. Thank you