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The perfect way to try out our trademark range, or simply the best way to get started with colour coding and organising, this bundle won't disappoint.

Our beginner bundle includes:

x1 Yellow SPh2ONGE

x1 Pink SPh2ONGE

x1 Yellow Cloth by SPh2ONGE

x1 Pink Cloth by SPh2ONGE

This handy bundle created by SPh2ONGE is part of our well-loved cleaning product collection where cleaning and practicality join together to create functional products you can't clean without.

- Wring dry after use
- Machine washable at 30 degrees with other household cloths (no detergent/ short wash)
- Additional colours and products available separately

Don't just take our word for it - head over to our Instagram for reviews and cleaning tips from everyone. (@sph2onge) or facebook (@sph2ongeUK)

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

wanted to try these for a while, why did I wait for so long...absolutely amazing


Exceeded my expectations! Had to buy the bundle and see what the fuss was all about! Of course I had to try it as soon as I got it! Didn't disappoint! My hob... Wow no streaks left!!! Looking forward to use it around the house and save me time and money on cleaning products!


Very happy with my purchase from sph2onge, really fast delivery and products are really high quality. They do exactly what it says and I’ve never owned a product like it. Would highly recommend.


Sooo my partner purchased this for me and WOW!!
I didn’t jump onto the bandwagon when everyone was buying these because I thought it’s just a hype!! How wrong was I?!
I used my sph2onge cloth today for the first time at work and wowzers did it make my job ALOT easier!!
The cloth absorbs so well and is super easy to handle and use. I cleaned all the excess water up from baths,showers, sinks and even floors with such ease and quickness.
I managed to spin the wheel and get an awesome 50% but even without the discount I would of been extremely happy as they’re much better than I anticipated.
I wish I had purchased them sooner!!
The customer service is 10/10 and I loved the personal messages that kept me up to date with everything!!
Fantastic product Chris , only thing I could suggest is maybe a few different colours as I love bright colours x


They will brilliant