No More Wet Dog! Super Absorbent Dog Towel
No More Wet Dog! Super Absorbent Dog Towel
No More Wet Dog! Super Absorbent Dog Towel

No More Wet Dog! Super Absorbent Dog Towel

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No More Wet Dog! 

Get your hands on the dog towel by SPh2ONGE and you’ll guarantee your doggie walks end as happily as they begin. 🐕

With their incredible absorbent qualities SPh2ONGE products are brilliant for drying and mopping up spillages - and the dog Towel by  SPh2ONGE is the perfect quick dry solution for your damp dog! Each cloth holds 1 pint of liquid!!

The dog Towel by SPh2ONGE will also gently remove any loose pet hair, and firmly hold it in its unique texture ready for easy disposal. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 672 reviews
Grace Williams
Excellent product.

What a relief to find something that actually dries my little dog. Few minutes with this towel and she is dry. Canister one one of the two towels I order was broken, emailed customer service and they very kindly sent me a replacement. Would definitely recommend. 😊

Debbie Murphy
No more wet dog

What a very good product works so well on my little dog would strongly recommend

Kerry Lampard

Have used the smaller cloths since day 1 , absolutely amazing! Haven't actually got a dog wanted this for the car and dies the job perfectly!

Babs Munson
Great product

I have used this product since it's origin and found it works brilliantly. I have giant, double coated, long haired dogs and it dries them as well as cleaning them. I bought more as presents for my children to use on their dogs.
Great customer service as well.

Tracy Hunt
Customer service

I can't review the product as it's a gift but I can say that the customer service is excellent. I have used other products which are very useful and excellent quality.
I ordered two dog towels as gifts and one arrived missing a lid on the container. I emailed customer service to request a replacemenr lid. Their response was prompt and I received another in the post a few days later. I definitely recommend this company.