Groove Cleaner
Groove Cleaner
Groove Cleaner
Groove Cleaner
Groove Cleaner
Groove Cleaner

Groove Cleaner

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This innovative Groove Cleaner gets into those pesky, hard-to-reach areas. 

Getting in to your window grooves, washing machine seals and around oven racks has never been easier.

The Groove Cleaner has two firm, abrasive scourers - sandwiched together to allow the cleaner to straddle edges and push dirt out. 

Our comfortable handle is sized to allow easy grip while using, and the open and click system makes it easy to remove and replace worn scourers. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Works a treat


I found it easy to use

Val Burgess

Living in Spain on the ‘campo’ we get constant dust. Add to that a wind called the ‘Levante’ that can last for a week or more and blows around dust, grit and tree leaves getting into every tiny gap in window and conservatory tracks. Especially when it rains the dust gets ground in so badly that I think it will never be clean again. It used to take about 3 hours just to do the conservatory tracks alone and even then still not gleaming but using the Groove Cleaner has been a miracle, all done and dusted in 20 minutes 👏. Chris’s products are not yet delivered to Spain so I have to wait to go back to UK to pick up my orders delivered to my sisters. I order all the new products as they come out but sometimes it’s many months until they are in my hands ready to test. 10/10 for this product. I order double the products for my sister to try as well and she agrees they are fantastic

Toni Playford
Groovy gadget

Wonderful little gadget for cleaning awkward spaces, ideal for door and window tracks. Fully recommend and just like all of the other sph2onge range it won’t disappoint.


Not used looks good though for difficult places