Winter Cleaning Tips

As we can all tell, winter is fast approaching and we are all racing to make our homes a hub of warmth and comfort. But, winter brings some mischievous problems into our homes that must be banished to keep the outside from getting in. Here are some top tips to keep your home safe from the winter blues –

Frosty Windows

As the temperature drops outside and the heating kicks in indoors, condensation will start to appear on your windows. Even though it looks like a lovely winter’s scene, it can cause a lot of problems and lead to damp and mould in your homes. But don’t fret! We have some tips to keep your windows clean and sparkling, and your walls mould free – all you need is your SPh2ONGE. When you notice condensation building up on the windows, just give them a wipe with the SPh2ONGE and its super absorbent powers will soak up any moisture that could cause damp or mould on your walls. This will keep your windows dry and clear to avoid any problems this winter.

Bringing the Outdoors, Indoors

Here is another great cleaning tip for you to keep your home sparkling this winter season. This time of year is best known for rain and snow, so it is bound to work its way onto your hallway floors. Well, we have a great tip for you! Make sure you always have your SPh2ONGE cloth handy by keeping it by any entrances where mucky footprints are coming into your lovely home. This makes it light work to keep on top of any messes making their way into your home and stop people slipping on snowy floors. Just take your cloth and run over any slippery surfaces and let SPh2ONGE’s super absorbent powers do the rest! It is always a priority to keep your home safe and warm this Winter.

Keep your toasty toes!

It is time to whack up the heating and get your radiators blaring out the warmth to make getting up in the morning more bearable! But, if your heaters and radiators are covered in dust and grime then you will be at a loss with winter warmth this season. Not to worry, we have the solution to make your home a hub of warmth and comfort. It is time to get to work on your radiators and heaters! Dust is the main cause of problematic heaters, so we know damp dusting will be your secret weapon this winter. Simply turn off all electrical appliances, wet your SPh2ONGE and get to work. SPh2ONGE locks in dust so it won’t go all over your carpets or be harmful in the air. This quick cleaning task will have your home feeling warm and fresh in flash! A few other tips for your hallway include having a doormat, a shoe rack, and an umbrella holder – these keep any mess at bay and your hallway nice and tidy!


  • An tip for ease of using your SPh2ONGE cloth on floors – if you have a Flash speed mop then you can put your damp cloth on that and just wipe it over the floor. Much easier & saves your back :-)

  • I agree with Sara whelan a mood would be amazing x

  • It’s a must for shower screens I clean mine as I step out of the shower its done in moments and no streaks.
    So keen to use it lost original packaging how do I wash it please?

    Pearl Clarkson
  • Is there a mop made from sph2onge?
    It would be great for flooded/wet floors

    Sadie Sales-kay
  • Have you any advice on how to remove rust, from heated bathroom towel rail

    Mary Martin

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