WINNER! - The Customer Is Always Right!

If you haven’t already heard, we recently won the best product on our featured episode of ‘The Customer is Always Right!’ If you’ve seen the show, you will know that they put your product up against a selection of other great products, and then let the public decide which is best!


Both our SPh2ONGE cloth and the original SPh2ONGE were put to their paces and tested by some lovely members of the public. The best part was all the fun experiments and tests that they had created to test our signature SPh2ONGE absorbency! (Some were almost TOO inventive!)


The competition was very fierce but we knew SPh2ONGE could reign supreme. We managed to gain a great score of 44/50 and they thought our products really were SUPER absorbent!


It is crazy to see how far we’ve come and we know this isn’t the last time we will have our products on screen! We hope that those who judged our products on the show are now loyal customers as we know you all are.


Have you yet to use SPh2ONGE? Or need a new addition to your awesome collection? Then pre-orders are now available! Don’t miss out on getting your favourite SPh2ONGE products back in your cleaning cupboard! Shop our collection here -



If you missed out, then you can watch it here! –



  • I have just seen the above episode today and that’s what set me off on the search to find your product. As I was watching I was thinking of all the stuff I could now make nice and shiny. I’m not a cleaning lover but I do like a nice clean home so I make sure I do it on a regular basis. Your product looks really impressive and it’s got excellent reviews and I’m going to order as soon as I get paid at the end of the month. I’ll just have to keep on cleaning with all my old stuff for the time being!

    Sandy Blake
  • I just wanted to say I saw this episode the other day and John and I were really impressed with your products. We’ve had similar problems when cleaning all the water out of the bottom of our fridge so we deiced before the end of the testing that we would buy the sph2onge at the very lease.
    The gay couple had us in stitches with there bucket test.

    I’m glad you went on the show because I may never have found your product otherwise.
    I look forward to receiving my order.




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