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If you’re praying for the warm weather like we all are, then you will be planning on the summer wardrobe splurge sooner rather than later. But, it’s not always that easy to make space for your new wardrobe items if you still have the clutter that you haven’t reached for during the past few seasons. This blog is all about how to free up wardrobe space and keep your spring style fresh!


Keep, reject, donate!

Here at SPh2ONGE we are all about saving the environment one small step at a time. Don’t just throw all unwanted clothing in the bin to make their way to landfill. There are plenty of people who could use your old clothes who aren’t as fortunate and won’t be filling up their spring wardrobe this year. The best way to do this is bag up all clean, good quality clothes and take them down to your local charity shop. Clear your wardrobe and do your bit!


It’s easy to keep things just because you see the potential of MAYBE needing it within the next 3 years. But in reality, it’s never going to get worn again. It’s important to be ruthless when getting rid of clothing as a tidy house is a tidy mind.


When it comes to the bin pile, try to keep it minimal. The only things we would recommend throwing away are underwear, clothes that cannot be repaired, and clothes that cannot be cleaned or are heavily stained (see our great blog about removing stains here!). This minimises the number of clothes going to landfill and keeps the Earth healthy!


Keep it clean! 

Dust clings to clothes and shoes that are cramped and hidden at the back of the wardrobe. Once all your clothes are sorted, it is time to give your wardrobe a clean to make sure that all your clothes are clean and ready to wear when they go back in. Simple run one of your SPh2ONGEs over the shelves rails in the wardrobe to lock in any dust. Add you favourite air freshener, and then you are good to go! 


Storage is key!

When you have whittled down the final choices of what to keep and what deserves a better home, then comes the task of getting it all back in the wardrobe. We suggest sorting clothes into labelled storage boxes and using matching slim line hangers so everything has a space to fit back in (and in a way that you can find it!). You can also use storage specifically for the wardrobe such as jeans hangers, wardrobe dividers, and shoe racks. If your wardrobe is tidy and everything is accessible, then you won’t forget anything that you have tucked away.

Let us know how you keep your wardrobe in order by commenting below. We are all cleaning fanatics here and always welcome new tips! Check out all our other blogs here! Who knows, you might learn something new!


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  • This is definitely helpful & has given me the urge to sort my wardrobe & get rid of so many things I sort of know I’m not ever going to wear again especially as as its time to swap winter to summer clothes … Thanks for inspiring me ☺


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