Top Tips for Keeping on Top of Housework


We have all been there when the housework starts to pile up and it seems like a never-ending task to complete. By keeping on top of housework and doing it a little bit at a time, you can still have plenty of free time to spend with your family and doing all the things you enjoy. Try out our favourite organisation cleaning tips to keep you on top of all your household tasks!


Family Cleaning Chart – If you have a partner and kids running about the house then it is time for them to shine! Design your own family cleaning chart and place it on the fridge, or anywhere you can all see it. Delegate different tasks each week out to the whole family. Kid’s tasks can be easy and simple including tidying their toys, or if they’re a bit older then changing bed sheets or general room tidying. If you need to give them a little encouragement, then incentives and rewards work wonders along the way – maybe extra TV time or trip to the park!


Downloadable Planners – It is very popular to plan your cleaning in a schedule (how productive!). This means that nothing goes missed and it gets the jobs out of your head and onto some paper. There are plenty of nicely designed printables available online that you can simple download, print, and then fill with all your cleaning tasks . This tip is great for those of us who don’t have eager helpers around to lighten the load. You could plan as simply as which room will be tidied on which day, or go as far as planning your washing machine cycles!


Clean as you go – If you saw one of our previous blog posts, then you know that cleaning as you go is a great way to keep on top of housework! This means that every time you use something, you put it back immediately after you are finished, or you wash up each utensil as you cook with it! This is a great way to not let tasks pile up and make every cleaning job seem manageable. Check out our blog here for a detailed guide on how to clean as you go!


Break down big tasks – When you have a big cleaning task, like deep clean the bathroom or completely blitz the living room, then break it down into smaller tasks. For the bathroom, you could have tasks such as clean worktops, scrub the toilet, and wipe the shower panels – write these all down individually and tick them off as you go, this gives you a better sense of achievement and motivation, as well as somewhere to start!


If you have any great cleaning tips and how to keep on top of your housework, then comment them below!



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