Top 14 Organisation Tips!

This is a great one to refer to when you are having a big clear out and need some tips on how to get your home perfectly organised. We have created a guide of 14 awesome organisational top tips and cleaning tips to have your home looking show-home ready in no time!


  1. Organisation Station – Add some folders to the inside of the cupboard doors to hold any loose items such as recipes and shopping lists. This may nothing gets lost or clutters the worktops.


  1. Magnet Organisation – Take some magnet strips and add them to the inside of your bathroom cupboard. This is a great way to store any small metal items such as hair pins as they stick straight to the magnet!


  1. Drawer Organisers – Any large home store will stock inexpensive drawer organisers so you can divide out stationary, clothes, folders, or anything else you keep in your drawers!


  1. Colour Code – Got a big drawer of cables or folders? Create a colour coding system so you know exactly the use of each item you own. This saves time by not having to rummage through drawers!


  1. Toys Rule – When your kids want to play with a toy, make sure they use the one in, one out rule, so that they don’t have the whole toy cupboard out at once! (this may take some training!)


  1. Hanging storage – We always look at cupboards as storage, right? But what about the walls? Add hooks to any space to create a great hanging display that acts as easy storage for frequently used items.


  1. Magazine Holders – These aren’t just great for magazines, try using them to store electrical hair tools! Life saver!


  1. Plastic pockets – Add a plastic pocket organiser over the back of your front car seat. This way you can store everything your kids may need. Whether it be snacks, wipes, or drinks, you will always be prepared during car journeys!


  1. Rotating Caddy – Less space on your worktop? Add a rotating caddy to your workspace and put frequently used items on top. This means you can spin it easily to find the products you need!


  1. Cord Caddy – These are a great investment that stick the back of appliances, allowing you to wrap and tie the cord! Neat and tidy!


  1. Shoe storage – Small amounts of storage? Well arrange your shoes heel to toe and you will instantly create more space!


  1. Double Hanger Space – Take a can tab and use it to place one hanger hanging beneath another. This will DOUBLE your wardrobe space!


  1. Clutter zone – designate one box by the front door where people can leave coats, shoes, and umbrellas! This way you only have one spot to put away, and it isn’t all over the house!


  1. Pillowcase clothes protector – We don’t always have a garment bag hanging around. All you do is cut a small hole in the bottom of a pillowcase and place it over the top of a clothes hanger. Instant clothes protector!



Keep an eye on our SPh2ONGE blog for more organisation tips and cleaning tips on their way soon!

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