The Ways Cleaning Can Help With Stress!

In the past few months, it is fair to say that tensions have been slightly higher, which is completely normal! It has been proven that cleaning can help lower levels of stress and help you reach a better level of relaxation. This is great for those of us who love to have a clean home, but need an opportunity to let out their stresses. Take a look at all the ways below that cleaning can alleviate the stresses of life – keep stress levels low and your house tidy!


Cleaning Clutter

We know that having a cluttered room can cause a lot of stress. This is because the amount of stress is overwhelming to look at as you don’t know where to start or how to conquer it. By taking the time to begin tackling the clutter and clearing the space, you will feel a sense of relief and accomplishment that the task has finally been done. Having a neat and tidy home makes the room feel open and spacious, this creates a relaxed feeling as the room doesn’t seem busy and cramped – it also relieves the stress of not knowing where things are!


Expressing Gratitude Towards The Things You Own

This one might sound a little odd, but trust us it works! Every time you clean, focus on the items you are tidying and how thankful you are that you have the ability to own nice things – even the most basic necessities. For example, when your kids make a mess, every time you pick up a toy think about how grateful you are to be able to provide them with nice things. This replaces the negativity of mess with the realisation that you are lucky to own all of the items in your home.


Cleaning Party

We know that the only way we can clean sometimes is with the music playing and having a little dance as we go! Music is a great stress reliever and lifts your mood if you listen to upbeat tracks. Instead of seeing cleaning as a chore, see it as an opportunity to have some time in your own bubble dancing to your favourite songs! – and we won’t tell anyone if you sing along, we promise!


Cleaning for exercise

None of us have enough hours in the day for all our tasks and a full workout, right? Well how about we combine cleaning and a workout? Think about all the times you walk up the stairs, or the amount of times you stretch out your arms to reach the corners. If you do your cleaning routine at twice the speed, you will get your heart pumping and have the house clean quicker!


If you use cleaning as a way to combat stress, then let us know your tips below. We love helping each other out with new ways to clean our homes. The SPh2ONGE family always have the best tips – yours could be included in the next blog, keep an eye out!

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