The ‘one minute’ principle

Between work, family life, friends and hobbies, finding time to clean can slip your mind and fall down the priority schedule. But, like it or not, cleaning need to be done, no one wants a dirty house after all, so how you can fit it into a busy life?

Enter ‘the one minute rule’ which works under the principle that if a task takes less than a minute to complete then it should be done straightaway rather than procrastinating until later.

While we are all tempted to ‘do it later’, procrastinating can actually make cleaning harder! That stain on the hob requires extra scrubbing, breakfast dishes turn into lunch and dinner dishes as well and laundry piles become full-blown towers!

But often what can seem like overwhelming tasks that will take up hours of your day, could have been completed much more easily and quickly if they’d been done straightaway.

While many people might think there is not much that can be achieved in just one minute, there are actually plenty of tasks that won’t take long but will make an immediate difference to your environment.

  • Hanging up coats
  • Putting away shoes
  • Wiping down sinks with your SPh2ONGE or Cloth by SPh2ONGE
  • Making the bed
  • Rinsing dishes
  • Picking up dirty clothes and putting in laundry basket
  • Watering plants
  • Fluffing pillows and cushions
  • Cleaning out your handbag
  • Taking the bins outside
  • Tidying the porch
  • Changing towels in the bathroom

Comment below if you’ve followed the rule and whether it worked for you!


  • I think the 1min rule is a great idea! The only issue I have is that minute turns into hours, I think oh I just wipe this, dust this, empty that and tidy. I look round and suddenly I’ve pulled out every kitchen cupboard and draw and the entire kitchen is clean within an inch of its life!!! Help 😂, I need to do this 1 minute rule! I may have more time to myself!

    Jayne sImmons
  • This is such a good idea! I’m awful for saying “I’ll do it later!” It’s such a bad habit! X

  • I am making more effort to make my bed every morning… it’s the little things that help as I feel so much happier seeing a tidy bedroom when I get home from a day at work!

    Jennifer Hall
  • It’s amazing what you can achieve in a minute! If everything has it own set home, so so easy to tidy things away!
    The messiest room for me is my sitting room. By the time the children go to bed it covered in toys! It literally takes me 30 seconds to put away as the all have there own ‘home’. A tidy home is a tidy mind!

  • It is surprising what you can get done in a few minutes- I wipe down the kitchen, pump up the cushions , and put the dishes away in a couple of minutes and it makes a huge difference.
    As always a great blog full of great ideas xx

    Emma crawford

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