The Future of Cleaning

From everyday household cleaning products to huge commercial cleaning machines, the cleaning industry is expected to boom in the coming years!

With so many products offering so many different services for different rooms in your home, companies have been constantly competing to be the bottle of spray under your sink or the scrubber in your shower for decades and the next few years are going to be no different.

Rising concerns in a post-pandemic world are leaving individuals more concerned than ever about healthy, clean and hygienic living. People are more desperate than ever to be free of germs, viruses, bacteria and dirt around their home or workplace.

It is important to remember, that products such as the Bloc by Sph2onge, will stand the test of time due to its already super advanced technology that is helping to keep your family safe.

Technological Advances

Just like any industry, technology is constantly changing and updating what is possible. The cleaning industry is no different. With various battery powered devices now making dents in both the professional and household cleaning industry, we expect to see various technological advances, battery powered or not, within the industry. Battery powered cleaning devices specifically, can be used to improve run time of your device as well as sustainability on previously disposable devices and tools. Within the commercial industry, technology advances can play a huge part, no doubt thanks once again in part to covid. With airports, stadiums, large workplaces and other commercial locations all having to up their cleaning game to fight back the pandemic, technological advances and investments they made to do this are here to stay.


Covid Cleaning Is Here To Stay

After almost everyone across the planet stepped up their cleaning efforts and made a conscious decision on a daily basis to keep themselves, their home, or their workplace cleaner, now that the worst of the pandemic is now behind us, many expected this trend to revert to normal.

However, after over 2 years of deep cleaning, product alterations and personal hygiene concerns, it is now a welcome way of life that many will never return from. COVID-19 infection control and prevention measures are now part of the world’s daily cleaning habits. This joint effort around the world has undoubtedly played a key part in reducing transmission in both commercial and domestic situations, but this long term adaption of our cleaning habits can help reduce viruses and surface based diseases into 2022 and the years that follow. 

Green Cleaning

One further push the cleaning industry is expected to make is one that is already making big waves. In the coming years and beyond expect to see a real push in  “green cleaning”. With larger companies now so concerned with their carbon footprint and plastic waste, you can expect to see a huge amount of products further push their eco positives.

Whether this be in the shape of more recyclable packaging, offsetting their carbon footprint or using less harsh or environmentally damaging chemicals within their products, the eco drive to be as environmentally friendly as possible has never been greater.

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