The Easiest Cleaning Tips Ever!

If you are anything like us, you want cleaning to be as easy as possible and not take too much man power. Luckily, not all cleaning tasks have to be difficult, and you can easily get your house clean with just a few simple cleaning tips. We have found our favourite cleaning hacks to take the stress out of cleaning! If you have any you love to use at home, then comment them below or tags us on our social medias!


  1. Use a tooth brush and some vinegar to clean your keyboard – this is especially great for those of us who are working from home! Keep your laptop clean!


  1. Remove carpet stains with vinegar and a steam iron – Simply add a mix of vinegar and water to the stain, cover with a stamp cloth, and steam


  1. Use a dry cloth to clean electronics screens – avoid sprays and opt for a simple dry cloth


  1. Making dusting easy by using a lint roller – a handy hack for a quick clean


  1. Sprinkle baking soda over your mattress to have it smelling fresh and clean – before you must do the deep clean!


  1. Clean your coffee machine by running a hot water cycle with vinegar mixed in the reservoir


  1. Use dryer sheets and hot water to wipe baking trays and baking pans – grease slides right off!


  1. Buff a paste of baking soda and water into ceramic scratches – they will be gone in a flash!


  1. Add washing up soap and warm water to your blender and set it to spin – clean as can be!


  1. Sprinkle salt on your chopping board and then scrub with a lemon, a super easy disinfectant that is all natural


  1. Use pure vodka to scrub away bathroom mildew stains – a strong, cheap solution where a little goes a long way


  1. Use half a grapefruit to scrub your bath, the acidity will cut through all dirt and grime


  1. Use wax paper to make metallic in your kitchen and bathroom shine – all you need to do is have a quick wipe over.


  1. Take your toothpaste and rub it over any tarnished silver to bring back that sparkling finish


  1. Use a hoover with the brush attachment to get rid of any dust on your blinds – a simple, easy trick


  1. Washing up liquid works amazing on skirting boards – just add to hot water and use a cloth


  1. Use a cup of baking soda in your wash cycle to get your whites, whiter!


  1. Invest in some canned air, this will make it simple to blitz clean any electrics without damage


  1. Restore cloudy drinking glasses with a cloth dipped in white vinegar – sparkling glasses once again!


  1. Broken glass? Press a piece of bread over the area to pick up small pieces of glass safely


  1. Kids spilt glitter? Grab their Play-Doh and roll it over the glitter to pick up the mess


  1. To deal with juice stains, use washing up liquid to blot away the stain



Let’s all make cleaning easier – share your ideas below!



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