Summer Cleaning Tips

Summer has begun! But sadly, this doesn’t mean that the messes in our home stop as summer brings a host of new cleaning problems! But, we have the solutions for you! Here is our selection of our favourite summer cleaning tips!

If a beach day is something you crave to soak in the summer sun, then you will know you don’t just bring back a bit of sunburn, you also bring back half a beach of sand. A great way to stop sand at the door is to remove all shoes and socks before coming back into the house (and leave the sand shoes outside to be emptied later). But, if your kids have a habit of running straight through the door, or gathering sand in their clothes, then just keep a handy hand-held vacuum cleaner by the door to hoover up any stray sand. Let’s make sure the sand stays on the beaches this summer!

Family BBQs are always a great time, but take a lot of prep and cleaning to get right! If your BBQ hasn’t seen the light of day since the previous summer, then it will definitely be due for a clean. To clean the barbeque, you need to light it! The best way to clean your BBQ is when the grill is still warm. Simple light it with a few coals to heat it up, then let it die down until it is no longer lit and is cool enough to touch. We have 2 methods that you can take your pick from to get it gleaming!

- Place half an onion on a fork and run it over the grill, then simply take a scourer and rub away the grease and grime! The onion will break all the old dirt down and make is as good as new.

- Place wet newspaper (make sure it is damp so it doesn’t catch light). Then close the BBQ lid and simply let it steam. This will break away any dirt build up and make the BBQ wipe clean!

Stains can be a real pain, especially when it comes to sun cream! To remove sun cream from clothing, soak the clothes in white vinegar before running through a cycle. This will remove the greasy stain and have your summer wardrobe looking as good as new. If you don’t want to use white vinegar, then use eucalyptus oil the same way, and you get the same result!

Sumer parties may be really fun, but they produce a lot of rubbish and in the heat you can get a foul odour in your home. To stop this, simply sprinkle a table spoon of baking soda in your bin bag before use. This acts as a deodoriser to keep bad smells out of the house! Simple and effective.

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