SPh2ONGE In-store!

Here at SPh2ONGE we are thrilled to announce that our brilliant products are now available in all their glory at the Yorkshire Trading Company stores across the UK and online! This is a massive step for us as it is our first physical store presence and your first opportunity to shop SPh2ONGE straight from the shelves. This is great for the impatient among us who can’t wait for SPh2ONGE to arrive or need it in time for their afternoon weekend clean. The Yorkshire Trading Company provide quality home goods in 26 stores nationwide, with products ranging from home decorating to pet goods – and now our Super Absorbent SPh2ONGE! This is a massive step forward for us as we have managed to turn a simple idea into a customer-loved product that you can pick up on the shelves. We know that SPh2ONGE will be snapped up quick by eager shoppers over this Christmas period, so you better be quick and get down to your local Yorkshire Trading Company store to pick up yours now. Their stock is exclusively the Grey SPh2ONGE and Grey Cloth by SPh2ONGE so now is your chance to get them without the wait or cost of delivery – so you get SPh2ONGE even cheaper! If you are lucky enough to get your hands on one of our products from in-store then we would love to know – just take a picture of yourself outside your local Yorkshire Trading Company holding your brilliant new SPh2ONGE purchase and tag us! We would just like to thank every single one of our loyal customers who have supported us since the start of SPh2ONGE as we wouldn’t have been able to achieve this obvious next step for our awesome products without all of your help. We hope you will continue to love our products and support us as we take more well deserved steps towards success in the future.


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  • OMG So exciting!!! Well done Sph2onge so deserved as your products are AMAZING! Xx


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