Prepare To Kickstart Your 2022 With A Cleaning Schedule

Make It A New Year’s Resolution To Clean Your Home!

Go to the gym, eat less chocolate, learn another language. It’s the time of year that people begin to look ahead to their new years resolutions. Have you ever committed to a new years resolution just to give up almost immediately? Well, with 2022 right around the corner, make next year different.

Next year, instead of making an unrealistic target for yourself, how about making your new years resolution giving your home a huge spring clean to start the year off right.

Next year, its not only achievable, but will positively benefit both yours and your family’s lives!

If you commit to a New Year’s Resolution to get your home looking spotless from top to bottom, this isn’t going to happen in one day. There are no magic cleaning fairies that come and do the horrible stuff that can often take you a full day. Between scrubbing every surface, using various products in each room on different appliances can take time to research, let alone actually get done. One way to counter this, is to start your 2022 with a cleaning schedule.

Start Small And Aim Big

Back to work in January for many will always be a slog. The Christmas mood will have been and gone and the January blues will set in. The last thing you probably want to do is commit to a huge spring clean in a single weekend.

When beginning to create your schedule, start low and aim high. Things that can be done in half an hour and won’t leave you in a terrible mood or take up a huge amount of time are the things to tick off first. Ease yourself in. Does a bookshelf need dusting? Your window tracks need cleaning? Just the shower screen instead of the full bathroom in one go. You get the idea.

Sort out which jobs you least want to tackle and put these at the end of the month, for your own sanity!

Begin just spending 10-15 minutes a day on smaller jobs. This is the secret to rediscovering your cleaning motivation without hating every minute of doing it after your Christmas break. These jobs can often be just as important as your bigger jobs, so don’t feel like these smaller tasks are a waste of time!

Make your schedule room based

When you finally move on to the bigger jobs, it makes sense to do these in a room based fashion. Ticking a whole room of your schedule can making using that room as every part of your daily life a joy, rather than noticing small things you still need to do later in your schedule. Start by spending time cleaning rooms that you use every day or that visitors will use when in your home as these matter most and will be most noticeable to yourself and visitors.

For example, don’t spend a weekend tidying and cleaning your garage if your bathroom is a mess.

Once you have a schedule in place that starts with smaller jobs to ease yourself in and tackles whole room projects, you need the right tools to help you accomplish your mission! Look no further than the Sph2onge bathroom bundle! Often considered the toughest of rooms in your house to keep spotless, this cleaning bundle will help making your bathroom based time on your schedule as stress free and incredibly rewarding as possible!


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