Lockdown Cleaning Tips

Lockdown can be scary and can cause a lot of negative emotion, but how about we make the most of our days indoors and tackle some cleaning tasks! We have more time now than ever; it is the perfect time to do the things we don’t usually have time for. We have created a complete list of all the lockdown cleaning tips and tricks that you can try while having to spend more time inside.


  1. Wash the doors and windows – grab a cloth and a bucket of soapy water and get to work wiping down the doors and interiors of the windows!


  1. Disinfect the doorbell and knocker – To protect those in your house and delivery drivers, sanitise the exterior door as well as the bell and knocker – Do this daily!


  1. Interior door handles – Sanitise interior door handles to stop the spread of viruses and bacteria within your household – this is especially important during lockdown.


  1. Polish furniture – This one normally goes to the bottom of the list. Polish all the areas you don’t see – get rid of all the hidden dust that ends up in the air.


  1. Re-arrange your wardrobe – This could be as simple as re-hanging everything so it looks uniform and in order.


  1. Clean the blinds – Take a SPh2ONGE cloth wrapped around some food tongs to clean blind slats. This will lock in the dust!


  1. Flip the mattress – You probably forgot you even should do this one, if you have recently flipped your mattress then give it a quick hoover instead.


  1. Clean lampshades – Take all lampshades off and clean them with a SPh2ONGE cloth, this will capture any dust and have them looking fresh


  1. Wash the curtains – Most curtains can be washed on a normal machine cycle. Then just leave them to dry and re-hang them slightly damp so the creases drop out.


  1. Dust the skirting boards – Grab a SPh2ONGE and get to work with their damp dusting powers


  1. Wipe clean plants – Plants get dusty, so it will make them shine again by giving them a quick wipe!


  1. Dust picture frames – The pictures may look lovely, but they won’t if they are covered in dust!


  1. Hoover the sofa – get all bums off the sofa for 10 minutes and grab any crumbs with your hoover!


  1. Soak the shower head – After all the morning showers are over, remove your shower head and soak it, this way you will get even cleaner!


  1. Wash hairbrushes – If you have kids, soak their hairbrushes in disinfectant to kill any possible lice lingering about.


  1. Deep clean the bin – One of the smelliest place in the house. Give it a wipe with disinfectant to get rid of foul odours.


  1. Clean the grout – A tedious task to pass the time, grab a toothbrush and get to work!


  1. Defrost the freezer – This is the perfect time to get the freezer ready for the Christmas turkey! (get Christmas ready early while you have the chance)


  1. Empty and Clean the fridge – Take the day to remove all food and wipe every smelly part of the fridge to keep food fresher for longer!


  1. Sort and clean all cutlery – Get rid of broken or old cutlery and deep clean anything that has been in the drawer a little too long!


Got your own cleaning tips for lockdown? Leave them below!


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