Keeping Your Kid’s Clutter Clean With SPH2ONGE

All of your child’s toys and sticky finger surfaces need constant attention to stop the spread of bacteria and your little ones getting sick. We have some great tips for you on how to keep your kids safe from sickness by cleaning with SPH2ONGE.


Children will touch anything in sight, meaning they can pick up dirt and grime from any surfaces in the house, especially highchairs and floors. To combat these issues, we suggest using our SPH2ONGE cloth and your favourite child-safe detergent spray to go over your highchair to keep dirt off your little one’s hands. Take your detergent and spray it over all parts of the highchair, then take your SPH2ONGE cloth and use its super absorbent powers to remove any sticky finger marks and leftover bacteria. After that, simply flip your cloth over and run it back over the surface to get rid of any leftover traces and get it super shiny. This method also works on floors. For small areas of carpet where your child has spilt a drink or a bottle of milk, just place your SPH2ONGE over the spill and it will absorb 8x its own weight! This makes tricky spills a thing of the past.

Plastic Toys

If your kid loves throwing their toys about and having them all over the house and garden, then this one is for you. Start by gathering all the toys you want to deep clean and grouping them all together into one place, such as a clothes basket or on a kitchen surface. Make sure that once you have cleaned them, they have a clean surface to dry out on for a couple of minutes before they go back to your little one. Take your favourite baby safe cleaning spray and start spraying each toy individually, making sure you get into any small holes or crevices that can hide any sneaky bacteria. Then use your SPH2ONGE cloth to rub away any dirt and bacteria to get those toys sparkling. Then simply place them onto a clean surface to make sure your efforts haven’t gone to waste. Leave the toys for a couple of minutes just to make sure all the toys are dry before putting them back in their rightful place.

Plush Toys

Here at SPH2ONGE we love to damp dust! This method works great for any old toys that haven’t been reached for in a while but just need a freshen up instead of a deep clean. Take all your child’s plush toys and get to work with your SPH2ONGE. Wet the SPH2ONGE so it is damp to use and lightly rub over the fur exterior, so the appearance of the toy becomes clean and fresh. This tip is great as the SPH2ONGE locks in any dirt so it isn’t transported into the air or moved onto the floor or surrounding surfaces – keeping your home fresh! Once all your toys are plump and fluffy leave them out to dry out fully before returning them to your little one’s grasp.


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