Is there an ideal time to clean?

There’s no denying it, cleaning can take up a large part of our daily chores. Laundry, washing up, dusting can all add up to several hours every week. But is there a best time to clean and how can you lessen the load?

The ideal amount of time spent cleaning each day is 20-30 minutes, and as our previous blog mentioned a small amount of cleaning a day can boost our wellbeing. Why not make a list of quick everyday tasks and start doing them regularly? This will help break down your to-do list into smaller manageable chunks rather than feeling like it will take up your whole weekend!

When it comes to a preferred day, this will depend on your schedule. The most-popular day to hire a cleaner is Friday as people want their home spotless for the weekend. If you are working full-time you may only have time to clean at the end of the day whereas if you are working from home or a stay-at-home parent it may be more time-efficient to do bits throughout the day.

Another method is dividing up your cleaning list by room or by task based on your household’s schedule. Drawing up a regular schedule can help you keep track of what’s been done and get you into a weekly routine, you can even get the kids involved and allocate them their own dedicated tasks on the list such as emptying the dishwasher or feeding pets.

What is your weekly routine? Comment below on how you make cleaning work for your household.


  • Totally agree with this. I do a list for every day of the week and have specific days for doing the washing. I leave weekends free knowing everything is done and put away by Friday evening. Every week I have the same jobs for that specific day. That way I’ve spent at the most 30 minutes on tidying and cleaning the house. Bonus is if then there’s a task that is on the list and doesn’t really need doing, there’s less to do!

    Anna White
  • Hi
    I totally agree with this,I just love cleaning now and my motto is little and often. It doesn’t seem like a chore anymore. I have your products the cloth is the best thing ever ,we love how it feels when it’s wet it’s do soft. Even my teenager daughter will say “ I’ll wipe the sides down” between your cloths and my spray mop my teenager will be doing most of my cleaning.


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