How to get kids involved in cleaning

We can all remember our parents nagging us to tidy our rooms, only now it’s the other way round! Unsurprisingly, just like we were, kids are often reluctant to do so. So how can we better encourage our children to help around the house?

While they may be reluctant, cleaning and giving them dedicated tasks on a house cleaning schedule helps them gain independence and accountability. Knowing this is ‘their’ task will make them feel special as well as teaching them responsibility.

Keep the tasks manageable for their age and ability; younger children can pick up their toys or put away laundry while older ones can do things like vacuuming or emptying the dishwasher. Ask their opinion, they will be more willing to do a task they actually enjoy rather than one they are being forced into.

Make sure the schedule is visible to your children such as pinning it on a notice board or fridge and that they understand what the task involves, using pictures if necessary. Try to make it fun for them by playing music or create games such as picking up items by colour or giving them mini versions of your cleaning materials such as a child-sized dustpan and brush, just like Mummy!

If you’re worried your child won’t stay focused, why not initiate a ‘speed clean’ and time how long it takes them to clear their mess away. Record it on a chart and whoever is the quickest at the end of the week, gets a sticker.

Comment below on how you motivate your kids to clean. 


  • Great article with a lovely approach to
    Involving kids! Just ordered my daughter her own pink Sph2onge!!

  • Speed clean is a great idea! I must try that with my eldest small.

  • My 5 year old daughter who has special needs is obsessed with water so loves to help me clean the bathroom. The only issue we have is that she likes to clean the tiles and bath with her gloves on but no clothes 🙈😂

    Joanne Ellis
  • Tell them not to do it! 😂 sure fire way to get them doing it

    Katie Matheson
  • I have 2 sons, and they have set chores to do (keeping their room tidy, washing up, running the hoover around, and taking bins out). It has caused much whinging at times! But something I’ve found that helps encourage is for them to put music on and headphones in – it makes the time go faster for them and stops me having to listen to ‘this is so boring!!!! It takes SO long!!!’ while they wash up!


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