How to Clean your Washing Machine? – Cleaning Tips and Tricks

The washing machine cleans our clothes, so surely it’s clean, right? Well that’s where you’re wrong! Washing machines are damp and warm which is the perfect place for bacteria and mould to grow, which could leave your clothes not as clean as you think! We have decided on our top washing machine cleaning tips to make sure your machine smells fresh and keeps your clothes coming out clean! Find our awesome tips below –


Cleaning the Detergent Drawer

Yes, you can remove the detergent drawer completely (just check the user’s manual first). Once removed, soak the drawer in warm soapy water to break down any stubborn dirt. Then, take an old toothbrush and scrub away any mould or staining from the tray. It is also a good idea to check the shelf that the tray slots into, this is a great place for mould to grow as it is warm and damp!


Cleaning with Vinegar

To give your drum a deep clean, set the cycle at the hottest temperature and pour 300ml of white vinegar directly into the machine – then set the machine to run. This is a natural bacterium cleaner and will purify the machine so all odours will vanish and your clothes will come out smelling fresh. If the smell of vinegar starts to linger, just add a cut up lemon into the drum of the machine to give it a lemony fresh scent!


Cleaning with Bleach


To combat the detergent drawer and the drum at the same time, bleach is your new best friend. Take a cup of bleach and add half to the drum, and half to the detergent drawer. Then run an empty cycle. Once your machine has filled with water, pause the cycle and leave the drum to soak for approximately 2 hours. Then continue the cycle and finish with a quick cycle of fresh water. It is important to leave the machine door open to stop heat and moisture producing mould in the drum.


Cleaning the Rubber Seal

This is where our SPh2ONGE cloth comes in handy! Start by soaking an old cloth in warm, soapy water to get into the sharp corners of the machine. This will remove any mould and grime build up in the crevices of the machine. To prevent mould, build up in the future, take your super absorbent SPh2ONGE cloth after every cycle and soak up any moisture from the seals. This will stop a build-up of mould as their will be no moisture on the surface. Leave your SPh2ONGE cloth near the machine to remind you after every load! It’s a small task to keep your washing machine smelling fresh!


Has this changed your cleaning routine? If you are going to add any of these tips to your cleaning checklist this week then let us know! We love to see you using our awesome SPh2ONGE cleaning tips in your homes. We know you have the same house pride as us (so everything has to be clean and tidy!)


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