How To Clean Your Cleaning Products! – Super Cleaning Tips!

We all love buying new cleaning products! But sadly, they are the first things to become dirty, and they definitely don’t clean themselves! If you want that super clean shine, then you need to take note of these awesome cleaning tips on how to make your cleaning products, cleaner! We love stress-free easy cleaning tips that don’t take hours, you really can clean in a flash!


Mop Cleaning (different types of mop heads) –


Cotton Mops – These can easily be washed with loads such as towels. All you need to do is place them in the washing machine with a heavy-duty detergent. This will break down all the dirt and grease easily to leave you with bright and clean mop heads! Pro tip – to get the mop extra white, simply add one and a half cups of chlorine bleach to having them look even better than new!

Sponge Mop – this one is super simple. All you need to do is rinse the sponge head in hot water and then leave to soak for 5 minutes in a solution of water and one and a half cups of bleach. Leave to air dry overnight and it will be ready to hit the floors again!

Floor Brush Cleaning – The first thing you need to do is take a small stiff brush and rub it over the bristles to release any trapped dirt and dust. Then make a solution of washing detergent and warm water. Place the brush in the water and mix it around for a few minutes. This will remove any left-over dirt and foul odours. The last step is to leave it to air dry flat, don’t leave it with the bristles on the floor!


Small Cleaning Brushes – You’ll need some gloves for this one. Fill your sink with warm water and a cup of bleach. Then add all of your small, stiff cleaning brushes to the sink and leave to soak for an hour. Once soaked, use your hands to separate the bristles and remove all trapped dirt. Then simply rinse and leave to air dry! We recommend leaving them to air dry naturally as using heat can damage the glue that attaches the bristles to the brush!


Cleaning your SPh2ONGE products – You may know how to clean your sponges, but our SPh2ONGE is different and needs some other TLC. We have a whole section on our website dedicated to cleaning your SPh2ONGE products to get the longest life out of them possible. Simply click here to find the best way to clean your SPh2ONGE products and keep them cleaning your home for longer!


We love to hear your tips here at SPh2ONGE! We hear from our customers across all social medias. Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, you name it and we see your posts! If you have any awesome ways to clean your cleaning products, then leave them below! Our SPh2ONGE family are always thinking of new ways to keep homes clean!

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