How To Clean Different Fabrics - Fabric Cleaning Tips!

We know it isn’t one size fits all when it comes to cleaning. Here at SPH2ONGE we know that each fabric that you clean must be cleaned in a different way to avoid damage and get the most sparkling finish. But, we don’t all have the time to look up a cleaning method for every fabric that we own. That is why we have created a complete guide on how to clean every fabric you could possibly stain!


Acrylic Fibre – This fabric is normally used for jumpers, mostly mixed with wool. This fabric can be machine washed, but does require some care. Wash in the machine on a warm cycle and dry naturally – avoid the tumble dryer. If you notice pile build up on the fabric, then invest in a lint shaver to keep your fabric looking new.


Cashmere – People are usually scared to wash cashmere due to the expense of the fabric, however they can be easily machine washed. Place your cashmere items in a mesh lingerie bag and wash on a delicate cycle. When taking them out of the machine, don’t wring them, just dry them flat to avoid mis-shaping.


Cotton – This is a winner for any lazy washer among us (guilty!). Cotton is a popular natural fabric that is super easy to wash. Cotton is washing machine, tumble dryer, and iron friendly! Just wash on a normal cycle, dry, and then iron – it is that easy!


Leather – For a deep clean, this is a job for a dry cleaner, but a freshen up you can do from the comfort of your own home. To clean the jacket, simply rub with warm soapy water and leave to dry naturally. This will get rid of any dirt, scuffs, or odour!


Linen - Most linens can be washed but we advise checking the label. Linen retains water so wash in a small load on a cold cycle. Once dry, turn inside out and iron using a steam setting – this will get rid of all the creasing.


Nylon + Polyester – As a synthetic fabric, nylon is rugged and can be washed in your normal load. If you aren’t sure which clothing is nylon, it’s usually underwear! – If the nylon fabric is white, we suggest using a cold wash.


Silk – Let’s leave this one to the professionals. Due to the higher cost of silk fabrics and their tendency to fade, we would recommend sending silk to the dry cleaners. A small price to pay to keep your luxury fabrics in pristine condition.


Spandex – Mainly used in sportswear, spandex should be cleaned after every use. We suggest separating light and dark spandex, and using a super strength detergent to get rid of any odours and avoid colour bleeding.


Wool – We suggest using a delicate or wool cycle on your machine and opting for a gentle detergent to avoid damaging the fabric.


Like these cleaning tips or have some of your own? Leave a comment below to help someone else with their cleaning!

 - The SPh2ONGE Team

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