How scents can affect our mood

What’s your favourite smell? Maybe it’s freshly-cut grass, the saltiness of the sea at the beach, maybe it’s even your favourite Zoflora!

More so than other senses, smelling our favourite scent can trigger positive moods and release endorphins into our system. It’s no coincidence that estate agents suggest brewing coffee and baking bread in order to entice potential buyers when selling your house.

But what impact do different smells have on our mood and can different scents improve our day-to-day life?

Citrus: The citrusy scent of oranges, lemons and bergamot can help you to feel more energised and boost your alertness. As well as this, they are extremely good for cleaning and sanitising as they contain the natural solvent d-limonene so are a popular choice of scent for cleaning products.

Peppermint: Peppermint is a natural stimulant which can increase your ability to concentrate during times of mental fatigue or stress. It also gives a cooling sensation from its high proportion of menthol, which explains why it is often used in shampoos and shower gels, and contains antibacterial properties.

Lavender: For anyone who struggles to sleep, lavender is known to be a calming smell which can relax our body and mind, making it ideal for those with insomnia. Many people choose to put lavender in with their laundry or in their airing cupboard to give a soothing scent to clothes and linen too.

Vanilla: Not just in ice cream, vanilla is frequently used in perfumes and is associated with warmth and softness. The smell of vanilla is also known to be a natural aphrodisiac that induces euphoria and relaxation.

So whether it's the scent you use in your cleaning products or lighting a scented candle before bed, why not see if a different smell makes a difference around your home.

Written by staff writer: Laura Dew //  


  • Lavender! When I was younger I really did not like the smell of it but I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older (in my 30’s) I actually appreciate the smell of it now! Or maybe it’s just that I’m 3 kids, 3 animals and a full time job down the line and anything that relaxes me is a winner 😳🤷‍♀️!!

    Laura Graham
  • The best smell for me has got to be the smell of the air after a thunderstorm. When it’s been hot and humid and sticky, then it’s just belted down with the rain and the air has cleared… That smell can’t be bottled!!

  • My favourite smell has got to be fresh air, opening the windows in the morning beats any air freshener hands down and also has a lot more health benefits. And getting the washing out on the line 😍

  • I love the smell of a coal fire it reminds me of my childhood holidays down in Cornwall 🥰

  • I love lemon scents and vanilla berry scents, lemon always makes me feel like things are clean, and vanilla berry makes me feel cosy!


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