Hot Weather Cleaning Tips

If you haven’t noticed, the weather this week has been a scorcher! The exotic temperatures have inspired this week’s blog all about how to clean your home when the weather is THIS hot. When the weather changes, there are a few more tasks that you take on board to make sure your home still feels cool and fresh (even if you don’t!).


Getting Rid of Odours!


Let’s face it, when it’s hot, odours can easily lurk about our house and spoil lounging about in the sun. There are a few tips you can follow to keep your house smelling fresh!


Essential oil diffusers – These are a great way to keep your home smelling of your favourite scent. All you do is set the diffuser to release the scent periodically throughout the day and it will do the work for you! Some great summer scents include citrus, mint, and fresh cotton!


Fabric Fresheners – There are a lot of fabric fresheners on the market that are made to spray directly onto fabric surfaces such as floors and sofas. Body odours can easily be transferred onto fabric in hot weather and cling for days. All you need to do is spray the upholstery with the spray and leave until dry. This will have your soft furnishings smelling fresh out of the wash!


Bringing The Fans Out!


The only way to cooldown in this heat seems to be to sit within an inch of a fan! But typical British weather means that fans only see daylight for a few weeks a year and then they are destined for the garage. We have the best tips to get them clean and ready to keep you cool!


Damp dust – For this one, simply dismantle the fan and take your SPh2ONGE cloth to damp dust the blades and case. This will lock in any dust and stop it being blown around in the air! There is nothing worse than dust being blown around your house, it just creates ANOTHER cleaning task!


Keeping EXTRA Cool! – Ok, so this one isn’t a cleaning tip (sorry!), but you need to hear it! When you have your fan on full blast, simply place a shallow bowl of ice cold water in front of the blades so that the air being produced is ice cold! – This one works best for tower fans and desk fans!


Blender Cleaning – For those ICE-COLD drinks!


We know that a blender is truly best for ice-cold smoothies and iced coffee! BUT, cleaning out your blender can be a task that seems like a real chore! Here is a simple tip to save the hassle – All you need to do is put warm water and washing up liquid, with a sprinkle of baking soda in the blender, and then blend! Leave it on for approximately 5 minutes and then rinse! It is that easy!


Let’s all feel blessed to have such lovely summer weather! If you have any other life-saving summer cleaning tips, then leave them below for all the SPh2ONGE family to see!



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