Holiday Cleaning!

Getting your home ready for the scrutiny of guests this Christmas can seem daunting. The one time of year we open our houses to friends and family alike, so we need our homes to look shiny and welcoming to visitors embarking in from the cold this winter. Here are our favourite tips (all with celebrations and Christmas in mind!)-

  1. Get those countertops clean – Our kitchens go into chaos as we go into the month of December and all try to get party ready. Our worktops become a home for a multitude of party foods, grubby hands, and then ultimately the Christmas roast! So, make sure you keep a yellow SPh2ONGE cloth handy and your favourite anti-bacterial spray to keep your food tasting yummy without any un-clean nasties


  1. Defrost the freezer – In the run up to Christmas, we all like to fill the freezers high with party food and festive delights, but what do we do if the freezer is full of ice and not keeping our food at sub-zero? Defrost it! Banish those nightmares of flooded icy floors, just grab your pink SPh2ONGE to absorb any spills in a flash and get that freezer ready for the happy holidays.


  1. Polish the silverware – Do your family have a special dining set that only graces the table during the holidays? Then as December approaches you will need to be prepared with your grey SPh2onge cloth to keep the knives and forks shining, and Christmas ready! Be ready to dazzle guests this Christmas with your festive Christmas table decorations.


  1. Clean the Christmas decorations – Decorations can be delicate, fragile, and break easy so you have to be careful when cleaning them before going up in your home. You can use your yellow SPh2ONGE to damp dust and plastic decorations, and a soft brush to lightly just any delicate baubles. This will stop any dust and dirt being brought into your home this festive season.


  1. Faulty fairy lights – Be prepared this Christmas and get your decorations down early to check what you will need to re-purchase in the coming month. This means testing out your fairy lights and checking for any broken or blown bulbs to ensure your house is sparkling in time for Christmas.


  1. Re-packaging your decorations – It’s really important that you treat your decorations as an investment to stop any unwanted costs over the holiday period. Use packaging such as bubble wrap around the decorations to keep them safe. Try to avoid putting them in a damp place such as the loft as this will cause them to lose their colour and bring a funny smell into the home next holiday season.


Cleaning is always easier with SPh2ONGE! Why not get yourself an early Christmas present and buy yourself a brand new SPh2ONGE today!

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