Hardwood v Carpet Floors

With kids off for the summer holidays, family and friends visiting for lazy summer BBQs and pets running round the house, our floors can take a beating over the summer months. In order to avoid your floors being permanently damaged by all the footsteps and dirt, we have some tips for you to keep your floors shiny.


Hardwood floors have a smooth, shiny finish which makes it easy to wipe clean and pick up dust and dirt using your Sph2onge or Cloth by Sph2onge. It doesn’t require a deep clean as much as carpets and usually only needs a regular sweep with a microfibre mop or broom and vacuuming with a hardwood-specific vacuum cleaner. If you spot a sticky mark, rub it with a damp Cloth by Sph2onge until the residue is removed.


Unlike hardwood, carpets have a tendency to get dirt and dust easily trapped which makes it harder to remove without vacuuming. This is particularly problematic in the summer months if anyone in your household suffers from hayfever. Regular use also wears the carpet down and darkens or stains it over time so invest in some carpet cleaner if there are any spills. As well as regular vacuuming, consider a professional deep clean on an annual basis.

Whatever type of floor you have, consider a no-shoe policy to prevent dirt being trod through the house. Install a shoe rack by the door to keep footwear off the floor, put doormats outside and store bikes and scooters in the garden or porch.

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  • This is a really good blog.
    I tried introducing a no shoe policy but with a toddler it don’t easy to follow through.!!


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