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Hello my lovelies!

Inspired by Lynsey Queen of Cleans’ new post about the ‘Autumn Transformation’, I thought today we could discuss the Christmas Clear Out! 

I know, I know... a few of you will be reading this thinking...

“Not the dreaded C-word!”,

or “We haven’t even had Halloween yet!”.

But it’s no secret that Christmas is fast approaching, so now is the perfect opportunity to make time for a pre-Christmas clear out.

Christmas is a time of gift-giving, family time and fun!

You don’t want a house so cluttered that there’s no space for guests and you also need to make sure there is room for any new gifts you may receive.

One of the main things to focus on is Childrens Toys!

Children are almost guaranteed to receive new toys every year and with Christmas approaching, now is the perfect time to have a good old sort through and get rid of any toys that may be broken, unplayed with or outgrown! 

I think sometimes we get more attached to our little ones toys than they do and it can be extremely hard to get rid of them!

They will soon be replaced by new toys I’m sure, so please don’t feel guilty for having a toy-cull now and then. 

The less children have, the more likely they are to play with things over & over and get use out of them! 

When they have too many toys it can actually be overwhelming for them and I find my toddler forgets about half of them. 

Don’t forget to recycle and give to charity shops where possible!

Just because your little one has outgrown or outplayed something, doesn’t mean it won’t have lots of life left for someone else to play with.

Another thing to consider is crockery, cups, plates, etc!

Get rid of anything chipped so there is space for it to be replaced. 

Also, tupperware containers without lids?

It’s time to go!

Many people ask for others Christmas lists, so if you know there is something useful that you may need - then it’s a good idea to have a sort through and decide ahead of time, so you know what to ask for!

Socks are also a great thing to go through at this time of year. 

Any socks with holes in, looking worn or without a partner, could be disposed of.

Socks are a great Stocking Gift so it’s a good idea to get rid of any worse-for-wear  socks before inviting new in.

I like to have a good general sort through before the festive period begins, then I know I will have space decluttered ready to decorate with Christmas accessories and new belongings.

When we have lack of space, Christmas can actually become quite stressful...

Where will I store peoples presents?

Where will I put any new gifts we receive?

Where will my guests sit?

Where can I squeeze in my decorations and tree?

Starting to think about the Christmas Clear Out early on, can help to relieve some of that stress so we can enjoy the festive season more! 

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Much Love,

Harriet x 



  • I’m definitely in need of a pre Christmas clear out, kids rooms are over run by so many toys. Plan of action over the next few weeks is definitely to sort through recycle and sort things for charity shop!

    Nicole Bates
  • Great post the toys the kids get are a nightmare my big boy had his birthday in july and still haven’t touched some of his presents I’m trying to de clutter atm ready for xmas the food and drink and presents Great work x

  • Excellent blog post! Written really well with lots of information and great advice and tips. Just enough so that you can take it all in and remember it! Good job

    Geri Docherty

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